Book Review: “The Wild Robot Escapes” by Peter Brown

IMG_85705 out of 5 Stars

On a trip to our local bookstore chatted with the nice folks about the newest Wild Robot book that was due out any time. We were still a bit early at that time to pick it up so we asked them to ‘special order’ it for us so I would get an email and know when to pick it up. You see, last year my husband brought home the first Wild Robot book by Peter Brown and we fell hopelessly in love with Roz. We had been waiting for her impending return to find out what was going to happen and we were not disappointed with the second book – The Wild Robot Escapes. As soon as we got the email I ran down to the store and bought it. My son started reading it in the car on the way home and for the next few days I got various updates on how quickly he was reading and how much he liked the book and how much I was going to like the book (thanks kid!). I was a little jealous he got to crack the spine of the book before me but he finished quickly and then it was my turn.

Our story starts with our dear Roz. At the end of the last book Roz had defended her island and all of her friends, but was in bad shape. They put her in the airship and sent her back to the factory where she was originally build. They repaired her body and ran lots of tests on her software. She was very careful not to let them know what she had learned on the island and how she could talk to animals and how she had a son. She pretended to be a regular, non-emotion robot so they wouldn’t take her memories away. The thing is, she didn’t want to be a regular robot and she wanted to go home.

Once she was repaired the Shareef Family buys her to work on their farm. They treat her well, the children love her and she works hard to help them. She befriends the animals on the farm but she has plans to escape. The factory installed a tracker on her and Mr. Shareef can see where she is at all times. One day a bunch of geese land in the pond at the farm and she starts asking about Brightbill. They say they are going to help find him and this sets in motion their amazing story being spread throughout the animal kingdom. I don’t want to give anything away but that will get you started and you will have to read to find out if Roz finds Brightbill and if she is able to make it back to her island.

There are some wonderful twists and turns in this story but it maintains the heart and joy and love the first book brought to us. Chapters tend to be only a few pages long and there are wonderful illustrations sprinkled throughout the book. Kids 8+ likely won’t have any trouble reading this on their own. Kids younger (5-6 years old and up I think) will love having this book read to them. There are a couple of scenes where Roz is chased by a wolf and she falls from the sky and breaks which might feel a little bit intense for really little readers, but there isn’t anything really scary in this book.

We adore this book (and the first) and highly recommend it.


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