Hiking with Kids: Brandywine Falls (Whistler, BC)

DSC_0100Just south of Whistler Village is a gorgeous place. There is lots of hiking in the area and as we were hiking with a little guy at the time we were looking for something with a great pay off (big waterfall) with a limited amount of walking. The Brandywine Falls hike was the perfect hike for what we were looking for.

Getting there you will want to drive north on Hwy 99 (Sea to Sky Hwy). From Squamish drive 47km and keep a look out on your right. The park is well sign posted and you can’t miss it.

Big man and little manWatching for trainsRound trip this hike is only 1km long and will take about a half hour depending on how quickly you decide to walk it. There is very limited elevation gain (if any at all) so the littlest hikers will cruise down this trail. You will walk across a covered wooden bridge which crosses the Cheakamus river where you will head right, just 500m (1640 feet), crossing train tracks. Make sure you look both ways to make sure it is safe to cross as the railway is still active. From here, keep walking until you reach the platform overlooking the magnificent view of the waterfall.

We took a lovely hike into Brandywine Falls.The impressive falls drops approximately 70m (210 ft) and the surrounding cavern features rock slides that have crumbled from the walls over hundreds of years. You will see basalt columns and lava flows that over many years have been covered by small ponds and a forest.


Our son was 3 years old at the time and found it all so cool. He was hoping to see a train go by and he thought it was fun that we could feel the mist on our faces

We didn’t continue on, but the trail continues a short distance past the platform for a view of Daisy Lake and there are lovely views of the surrounding mountains as well.

This was a really nice hike and perfect for young families. The trails are open year round (although the parking lot is not) and snowshoeing in the area is also very popular – we have plans to do that in December!

There is camping in area, but not in this park. We have stayed at the Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds just up the hill from this park and there are some Provincial Parks that allow camping very near by as well.


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