Book Review: Lumberjanes Vol. 8 “Stone Cold” by Watters, Leyh, Pietsch & Laiho

IMG_82235 out of 5 Stars

We had only just finished volume 7 of the Lumberjanes before I realized volume 8 was out. Lumberjanes “Stone Cold might be our favorite volume yet and it answers a few questions that were left hanging in volume 7.

The story starts off with April waking everyone up excitedly because they have their breakfast with the Zodiac Cabin and we get to see Barney again. They get to the Zodiac cabin and find all of the campers have been turned IMG_8224to stone. They realize Diane/Artemis has returned to camp and blame her immediately for what has happened even though it is different from the time Jo was turned to stone. Diane has a feeling this is the work of a gorgon that has been sent to test her by her father.

The Lumberjanes are up for the task of saving their friends and Diane/Artemis is recruited to help, albeit reluctantly. In the end, she learns the power of friendship and has a change of heart on many levels.

This volume was so much fun and had us revisiting a few places that look familiar from previous volumes. We meet some new friends in this one and I love the story line as well. My son even commented that this might be his favorite even though there aren’t any of those adorable little kittens.

This volume also answered some questions I had on subjects that were left hanging (like the mysterious letter Molly received in volume 7).

We highly recommend this volume! Check it out!



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