Whistler Revisited – Spring Break edition!

The blog has been feeling more like a book review blog than a travel blog. We have been home a lot this winter with all sorts of different things ranging from illness to swim meets, but we finally escaped last week during Spring break! Whew! These feet were getting itchy!


IMG_8213When we head to Whistler for the New Year holiday we often split our time between the Hilton and a time-share my family bought 20+ years ago. We get a week at the condo, but like to head up for an extra week and we cash in the Hilton points my husband earns so we can do that. For Spring Break things look a little different for us! We like to take our travel trailer up and stay at one of the two campgrounds/RV Parks in and around Whistler. This time we spent the whole time at Riverside RV Park and it was great. The walk into the village is a quick 2 miles each way, the grocery store is practically across the street and if you need some spa time, just walk up the road to the Scandinave Spa! Sites are well equipped and shower facilities are clean. They also have cabins and yurts to rent if you don’t have a trailer or tent and the prices certainly beat a lot of things you will see in the village. We always joke that we are teaching our son how to be a ski bum – get a camper, find a place to park, go ski and eat. Repeat. I think it might be rubbing off on my European husband too!

To see our full reviews of the both campgrounds:



IMG_8210Snow this season on the west coast has been a little hit and miss. Washington and BC saw a good amount of snow fly and were seeing their snow depth averages met. In Oregon, the storms were missing us and when they did hit it was too warm for snow. We didn’t get a lot of skiing in at home and wanted to get a few more days during spring break. With Vail purchasing Whistler/Blackcomb in 2016, lots of things have started to change, including the way they are doing their ticketing. Day passes have gone up in price and season passes have come down. The Edge Cards are still available for residents of BC and Washington State, but Oregon residents are out of luck again (this really chapped my hide). We had to figure out our best options this year. We opted to go with the Whistler/Blackcomb season pass and we bought it really early last season to get the best pricing. We had plans to ski at least 15 days up there this year and with the additional 20% off food at the lodges and discounts at certain ski shops, this really worked out to be our best option. If you plan to ski you can have a look at all of their pricing options here and if you still have questions and want the best deal, I would suggest calling them and chatting it over. Often they have ideas that you haven’t thought of (and the guest services have saved us a lot of money in the past and are completely wonderful to work with)!


We didn’t just ski while we were there. There are a few other things we like to do. One of our favorites is checking out the escape rooms at Escape! Whistler (click this link to read our full review of Escape! Whistler). Last time we were up their new “Pinball” room was still under construction. When we checked in this trip it was up and ready to be solved. We booked in and tried to escape, but didn’t quite make it this time. There were just 3 of us and while we did well and made it to the last puzzle, we just weren’t fast enough. This new room was loads of fun and might be my favorite yet. The story goes that you are looking for things to do and sneak into what you think is an abandoned arcade. You start playing games and all of the sudden you find that you have been transported into the game and you have to find your way out. This escape room had fantastic puzzles and was really different from the other rooms we have tried to solve. Check it out!

We also love to go walking and hiking and walked a section of the Whistler Valley Trail to Green Lake. It is a beautiful and quiet part of Whistler and the lakes were just starting to melt. We didn’t take too many hikes this time, but have in the past. You can see a few of them here:

In the next couple of weeks I will be adding our hikes to Brandywine Falls and Nairn Falls!

Our favorite dinner! Curry!After going to Whistler for so many years we definitely have our favorite places to eat. We always make time to go to the Tandoori Grill for curries. They do curries like my husband is used to from England (which is to say they are different than the curries we get at home in Portland). They are really delicious and we pine for them when we are not in Whistler.

Just downstairs from the Tandoori Grill a new restaurant has opened called Hunter Gather and we decided to try that out on this trip. The restaurant has teamed up with various farms in the area so all of their food is locally sourced and seasonal and they feature craft beers as well. The menu focuses heavily on sandwiches but other options are available. My son devoured their Pullman Pulled Pork sandwich, my husband really liked his steelhead (although he said the pulled pork was better) and my salmon was delicious. Portion sizes are huge and we all came away happy. They were awesome about food allergies as well! We will be going back!

After having a week away it is good to be home but we are already planning our next trip back. My heart is always a bit sad when we leave Whistler.



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