Book Review: “Giant Days” (vol 1) by John Allison and Lissa Treiman

FullSizeRender3.5 out of 5 Stars

While at one of our many comic book shops in Portland, we came across “Giant Days” in the kid’s section. We have really been loving the Lumberjanes books with the “friendship to the max” – as I flipped through this one I got that feeling it might be similar as it appeared to have 3 girl-friends who are taking on the world. I like these sort of Graphic Novels and it seemed right up our alley.

The story is about Daisy Wooten, Esther De Groot and Susan Ptolemy who have just started at Uni and are trying to figure out life now that they are away from home and making new friends. They are working out who they are (as we all do in college) and what is important. They are in the space between being children with their childish thoughts and adults, dealing with different feelings and the stressors of life, and where and how they want to end up in careers and life.

My son read it before I had a chance to and he didn’t really like it very much. Being 10 and reading about these topics might be difficult for him. There are themes of love and that love not being returned, there is a chapter where one character takes extasy, one of the women is very scorned and mean to a man who is trying to be helpful, and a “hot or not” situation with cyber-bullying. This is all above what my son lives on a daily basis and is a bit mature for him right now. Had I read it first I would have mentioned these things to him and he might have waited to read it.

When I read it I found ┬áit thoroughly enjoyable – it was a fun read and has me thinking about things I need to prepare my son for when he goes off to college. I enjoyed the different characters and felt like I could connect with them. I found parts hilarious and other parts reminded me of my college days, and left me feeling particularity grateful it was in the dark ages – before the invention of social media. I love the relationship between the girls and how they stick together, they look out for each other, and they have a great deal of empathy for each other which was really lovely. The book takes place in England and that is something I really liked as well. Being married to a Brit a lot of this made sense to me. Folks not as familiar with certain aspects of life or vocabulary might miss certain small things, but most of the themes are really universal. I also really loved the illustrations and the how the colors really matched each of the characters personalities.

I think this will hit well with kids who are in high school and older (I am thinking 13+). Some middle schoolers might enjoy it, but I feel like it might be a little mature for them. All in all, a fun read!

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