Trailer Customization: Bathroom Porthole

2017-09-04_12-26-57_966After we got our trailer we went with the Wally Byam Caravan Club on a rally with the Oregon Chapter. We met a lot of people with Airstreams and some gave us tours. We saw a trailer that had been completely renovated that was the same size as ours. We took notes about what we loved with their trailer and what we could do ourselves relatively easily. We were also getting ideas for our kitchen renovation where we created more counter space for ourselves and took out the white counters and replaced them with the copper counters making the space fit in more with our style.

One thing we saw in another trailer was a porthole into the bathroom. I grew up on boats and loved the look. Our bathroom door is a big space of nothingness and we wanted to add some personality. Plus, when the lights are in the trailer it makes that space a little less dark if you forget to turn the light on before going in. More than anything I just like the way it looks. Here is how we did it.

The Porthole

2017-09-04_11-59-57_514While we were traveling in England last year we rented a narrowboat which landed us smack in the boating world. I knew we wanted to do a porthole and we happened upon a boating store while we were traveling. We popped in to look for fun things and ended up finding a stainless steel porthole that measures roughly 6″ across. It came with 2 stainless rings and 2 pieces of clear glass. This window does not open but we didn’t feel we needed it to with the vent in the bathroom area and the air gap under the door. I would recommend checking any boating shops near you for your portholes.

The Process

2017-09-04_11-16-03_668My husband used a drill with a 6″ hole saw to put a hole in the door. The door is hollow and he had to be really careful that he didn’t damage the faux wood or the plastic paneling on the inside. He also drilled in some small guide holes for where the screws would go to attache the rings.

2017-09-04_11-36-06_337While he was doing that I was applying a patterned cling film onto the glass. As it is a bathroom we wanted the window but also wanted privacy. This window cling film can be found at any home improvement store and is so easy to apply. I cut the pieces to 2017-09-04_11-51-28_572size and cleaned the glass which makes application really easy. I used a pretty stained glass looking film for the cabin side to add a little color (I LOVE color) and we used a frosted film inside. The reason With the door being hollow, my husband wanted to help hide that by coating in the inside of the hole with a silver tape. I decided to use the frosted film on the inside hides that silver tape and gives the window a finished look.2017-09-04_11-53-26_208

To hold the glass in place within the frame we used a small amount of putty. This will keep the glass from rattling around and will reduce the chance of it breaking especially during travel.


The Final Product

Once all of that was ready we installed the frames and that was it! This might have been the easiest customization we did on the trailer! It is a small thing, but it adds a little something and makes the space more fun for us.

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