Book Review: Lumberjanes – A Bird’s Eye View by Watters/Leyh/Pietsch/Sotuyo/Laiho

image1 4.5 out of 5 Stars

We were wandering around Powells on a family day in downtown Portland, and while moving through the children’s area we noticed there was a new volume of the Lumberjanes available. We love this series and picked it up. A Bird’s Eye View is the 7th volume of the comic. We always love reading this book of best friends and the people they bring into their group.

In this latest edition the Lumberjanes are joined by Barney and lots and lots of kittens. These are not your run of the mill kittens though, they are magic kittens and their powers vary from turning into gigantic kittens to allowing people to pass through walls. Mail call takes place and the Lumberjanes get their mail resulting in something happening for Molly, which is never revealed (so I hope we find out about that later!) and word lands that the women from Grand Lodge will be coming to visit the camp. They will be evaluating the counselors during their visit and Jen is freaking out because they are arriving that afternoon. This sends the camp into a frenzy of preparations and what are they going to do with all of those magic kittens?!

When the ladies from Grand Lodge arrive they are quickly taken away by a gigantic bird and Rosie ends up going with them while trying to rescue the other ladies. In true Lumberjack fashion, the Roanokes decide to set out to save their leaders. They are also joined by a new “would be” friend Hes and they all have to work together to figure out how to bring their ladies back to camp.

There is a good deal of working as a team, brainstorming, learning to compromise, learning to set boundaries and correct actions that were acceptable at one time and listening to each other. Both my son and I really loved this edition of their story and we are looking forward to the next volume. We highly recommend this edition, in fact he says it is the best one so far!

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