Podcast Review: “History Pod” with Scott Allsop

FullSizeRenderAs a fan of history I decided to look up some different podcasts that might teach me more about various points in time. I came across History Pod which is both written and narrated by Scott Allsop, a history teacher in England and have really been enjoying it.

Each day he presents a different event that happened in history on that day. The range of topics is vast but centers mainly on the histories of Europe and America and areas they have influenced. Topics have covered things like the Wright Brothers and the first flight, various kings and queens, the World Wars, the slave trade, the Vietnam/American War, the first crossword puzzle, and ancient history of England. He researches each topic to be as factually accurate as possible and welcomes any corrections that might need to be made. He has also taken his podcasts to the written format and has completed his first book “366 Days:¬†Compelling Stories From World History“. I haven’t had a chance to pick this one up yet, but I am very interested in it.

Each podcast is around 3 minutes long and it makes for a nice break in the day – it isn’t something that needs a lot of time devoted to sitting down and focusing and will likely teach you something new. Mr. Allsop’s voice is very pleasant and I really enjoy the way he presents each topic. I am often surprised and always learn a new tidbit, even if I already had knowledge of various topics.

I also find that many of these topics are quite interesting to my 10-year old. Some of the subjects go right over his head but learning about some of the modern history, especially topics on science and discovery have been especially interesting and he doesn’t fidget during the 3 minutes – it is easy to sit and listen for that amount of time.

We found the podcast on iTunes, but it is also available on Stitcher and also on the History Pod website: http://www.historypod.net/

Check it out!

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