Podcast Review: Book Club for Kids


We have been listening to more podcasts and as we are bookworms around here I wanted to find something that would bring books alive for us. I love the idea of kids getting more involved in their reading and found the podcast called Book Club for Kids.

This is a great podcast lead by Kitty Felde who is an award-winning public radio journalist, winning dozens of Golden Mike Awards, AP Awards, and ABA Silver Gavel Awards. After Kitty created Book Club for Kids it was honored with the prestigious “Literacy in Media” award.

This podcast covers all sorts of different books that are in the mid-level to young adult age ranges. Kids from schools all over the country read the books and talk about them on these podcasts. Ms. Felde asks them questions about what they read and they give their perspectives on the works. I think it is wonderful for my son to hear what other kids think so he can ponder books he is reading in similar ways and come up with his own thoughts. I also learn things from them as our brains all work differently. I see things one way being an adult, and as kids they come at different situations from different angles.

I like this podcast for several reasons. It might be lead by an adult, but all of the opinions are given by kids who have volunteered through their schools. The books vary, but I am finding that some of my very favorites, like “The Girl Who Drank the Moon” are covered. In addition to the kids reviews and opinions Ms. Felde also interviews the authors of the books giving us extra information about their works. That can include their inspiration for the story, what they love about their books, what their writing processes are and more. The podcasts are right about 20 minutes long which makes them perfect for trips around town or to listen to right before bed. There are often “celebratory readers” who read passages of the book to us.

I love listening to these podcasts and have been recommending them to our friends and our school librarian. If you love books like we do, you will want to check them out! Episodes can be found on their website and you can also download podcasts through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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