Podcast Review: Brains On!

BOFullWe love science and learning about how things work. I am always looking for books and shows and activities that involve some kind of science. My kid is just really into that and he will tell you over and over how much he loves physics. He got that curiosity from my husband. I have had to explain that physics requires knowledge in other realms, like biology and math and more. I went in search of a science based podcast that would be fun for kids and we found that in “Brains On! Science podcast for kids“.

One thing I love about this podcast is that is acted out by adults but there are lots of kids involved as well. They ask the questions and the adults go out and help them find the answers to a wealth of various topics. Last night we listened to one of their podcasts about farts and where they come from. Knowing how our bodies work is pretty important and this pulls kids in. A recent podcast talks about what Down Syndrome is and how one extra chromosome leads to someone having Down Syndrome. The beautiful thing about that episode is that they also talk about ways to make friends with someone who has Down Syndrome and increases awareness and knowledge. Knowledge is such a powerful thing and can help increase our compassion for others.

Other topics range from how roller coasters are designed and how they work, they discuss various animals (both land based and marine), weather (thunder, lightening, tornadoes), how pianos work, baking, how you catch a cold and so much more.

Each episode is between 20-30 minutes so these are perfect for driving around in the car or snuggling in and getting ready to sleep. In fact there is a podcast about sleep and why it is important!

You can download or subscribe to this podcast through their website (link is above) or through all of the other usual place (I got mine through Apple Podcasts). We highly recommend this one! If you want a direct link to one of the episodes, CLICK HERE!

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