International Travel: Legoland Windsor (Windsor/London)

DSC_3500When my son was younger we looked for something that we could do with him on our international trips that would be age appropriate. LEGOLAND Windsor was an immediate thought for a couple of reasons: 1) it wasn’t too far from where my family lives in Surrey, 2) age appropriate, 3) who doesn’t love Lego?!

As you walk through the gates and down the hill to the attractions one of the most amazing things (for Americans at least) is the view of Windsor Castle in front of you. Our family has a running joke that it looks so realistic for LEGOs, and you get to see it from several vantage points throughout the park too. The park is great for younger kids (3-8 years old) and the younger kids will uk-swiss-2012especially enjoy it because they can go on the majority  of the rides.  The LEGOLAND website lists all of the height requirements for each of the rides as they vary, but this allows you to check things out ahead of time.  Kids who are 36” or taller will be able to ride everything with an adult.


We were there on a glorious summer day, so the water rides were fun and we dried fast, which was lucky, because they were our son’s favorites.  Some highlights were the roller IMG_4251coasters, a log type water ride, the roaring rapids ride, and the ‘driving school’ for kids. Older kids get a city-like course, where the younger kids get their own oval race track. The Atlantis Submarine ride was something everyone will like with real fish, sharks, and rays. You can touch cleaning shrimp in the gift shop after you exit the ride. 

They have a lovely carousel and other rides that go up and down for kids who want 
something a little slower pace.  Their Pirate Training Camp is a fantastic play area. Dress your kids in bright clothes 
Great place to lose your kids for hours is this playstructureso you can find them because it is huge!  On hot days the water play area is really popular, so bring towels and swim suits for the little ones.  One critique is the ratio between wait time and ride duration; it seems the wait times are long, even on days that aren’t crowded.

Buy your tickets in advance through the website or call ahead.  There are different savings deals based on how far in advance you book. The only catch is they are non-refundable and you have to go on the day you have reserved.

We thought this was a great deal of fun for our little guy and he asked to go back  which says he loved it too.

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