International Travel: Liquid Leisure Aqua Park (Dachet/Slough)

When we come to England we are mainly there to enjoy time with my husband’s family. My son has 3 cousins in England and we decided we wanted to take them out to do a fun activity together to break the ice a bit. It had been a couple of years since they IMG_3488had seen each other and it took a little bit to get them reacquainted. My sister-in-law suggested with the warm days that we head over to Liquid Leisure so the could do the massive inflatable obstacle course. When I showed pictures to my son, he went crazy and couldn’t wait to get there! I have to admit looking at all of the people on their website in wetsuits had us wondering just how cold the water was, but they had had so many warm days before we got there that the lake had warmed up quite a lot and the kids decided against them.

IMG_3483Liquid Leisure offers several activities. We went there for the inflatable obstacle course. There are different sessions that you sign up (you pick your time slot). When you get there they call the participants over by the session and get them fitted into life jackets and head protection that is similar to water-polo caps. Once everyone is dressed they go over the rules and then open the gates and the people get to head out onto the course. There is climbing and scuttling across wet and tippy sections. People can jump off the “Iceberg” and the high points in the course as well. The sessions last 50 minutes and are £15 if you book ahead of time online or £17 if you pay when you get there. Kids need to be 6 years old in order to participate. We found the pricing for the course was pretty good considering the amount of time they had to play, the number of lifeguards on duty, and the huge inflatable island. We bought some drinks while we were there (mainly water, tea, and a beer) and found the cost to be very high. You might want to bring your own food and drink if you are looking to save some money.

Paddle boarding, open swimming, rides on the banana boat, water skiing, and surfing are also available and are additional fees. We chose not to participate in these, but the banana boat appeared to be very popular as the ski boat went by frequently towing squealing riders. The people on the course found this to be pretty fun too because the IMG_3489wake of the boat rocked everything they were trying to balance on.

If you ask my son what his favorite thing about our entire trip was, he will say Liquid Leisure. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, considering everything he experienced, I don’t know what is! Make sure you book your time ahead of your visit and check this out on your trip to England.


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