International Theater: “Matilda – The Musical” (London, England)

We have been fans of Roald Dahl’s books for a long time. While we were in England we checked out the Roald Dahl museum because we also had plans to check out Roald Dahl’s “Matilda – the Musical” play which is showing at the Cambridge Theater in the West End of London. My mother in law really wanted to take my son to a show and picked this one out specifically based on the reviews.
We have always loved the book which is about a girl called Matilda. She is very very smart but comes from a family who doesn’t appreciate her intelligence and the fact that she always wants to learn. Her mother is a Latin dancer in competitions and her dad is always trying to work deals that often get him into trouble. She starts school and has a head mistress that does really like her or any other children either. Her teacher takes an interest in her education and recognizes what is going on and nurtures it as much as possible.

The theater was a fun location, so art deco in style. There was a lovely waiting area with a bar for drinks downstairs and you could watch on the tv screens how the stage was being prepared for the first scene.

2017-07-12_14-13-57_460The stage was beautiful and colorful. The blocks all around the stage spell out different words you will hear in the play and it was fun to try and find them while we were waiting for the show to begin.

The show itself was wonderful and we found the actors to be very very good. The children especially were fantastic and animated and the adults held their own against them. The show is vibrant and fun and wonderful. There is lots of singing and dancing, which isn’t to my husband’s taste, but even he thought it was really very good.

The play runs about 2 hours with an intermission half way through and this made for such a wonderful afternoon out. Here is a trailer of the show:


2017-07-12_13-24-05_1192017-07-12_13-24-14_191We always love to have a sweet treat of some sort before or after a show. On our way to the theater we found the most wonderful ice cream shop and we highly recommend it. They make all of their ice cream in house and have lovely seasonal flavors (and they take suggestions if you have ideas!). Udderlicious can be found at 24 Earlham Street (WC2H 9LN) and open at 11am everyday. When you walk in you might feel like you are inside a Tiffany Box with the light blue but there is so much whimsy as well. They have some amazing and delicious flavors that we didn’t recognize and had to have a sample but they also have the regular standbys. This shop got 3 generations of thumbs up!

We still had time so we went to a garden to enjoy the plants and sunFrom here we went down to a lovely hidden gem of a park only a few blocks away and had a little relax. The Phoenix Garden is surrounded by tall buildings which block a lot of the noise from the busy streets that run through the area. The garden is full of little nooks and cranies with benches for people to tuck away from the hustle and bustle of it all and relax with a bit of nature. There are all sorts of trees and 2017-07-12_13-52-34_199lots of flowers in the summer time. It is a wonderful space that lots of wild life call home. They say there are frogs that live here too, although we didn’t see them on our visit. This was just the perfect place to finish up our ice creams before heading back out into the hustle and bustle.

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