Book Review: “Demon Dentist” by David Walliams

FullSizeRender (31)My son’s last day of school was a week ago. The school year was extended due to our many snow days and we were a bit later getting down to the library to sign up for our summer reading program than usual. While we were there my son decided to pick up a few books. I was concerned because we would be leaving a week later for 3 weeks and I didn’t want to have the books sitting at home, becoming overdue while we were traveling. I was also worried because my son was heading to full day archery camp the next day and I didn’t think he would have time to finish the books, but the kid surprised me! He plowed through all 4 books he chose and he did it 3 days before we were to leave on our trip. His favorite of the 4 books was “Demon Dentist” by David Walliams.

IMG_5445It is a big book at 430 pages but the text is nice and big and there are lots of wonderful illustrations sprinkled throughout by Tony Ross who’s illustrations resemble those from Roald Dahl’s books. This book reads really quickly and will be a great confidence builder for reluctant readers.

The story features Alfie, a 12 year old boy who really hates going to the dentist. He hasn’t taken very good care of his teeth either and so many are yellow, or brown, or missing because he loves sweets and fizzy drinks. There is also something dark going on in town. There was an evil at play. When children would lose a tooth and put it under their pillows for the tooth fairy they would wake up to dead slugs, live spiders, and earwigs! Who would do this?

Since I didn’t read the story with my son, I thought our review should be an interview:

So, you cruised through that book fast! You must have really liked it!

Yes, it was really good, but REALLY dramatic!

Was it dramatic or melodramatic?

Hmmm…I think just dramatic.

It says it is a horror story on the book flap. Did you find it really scary? Was it too scary for little kids?

There are some scary parts for sure. The dentist is scary, but you have to know that because of the title. I didn’t find it too scary though. I think kids who are 9 and 10 and older will really like this.

Usually David Walliams books are silly and funny. Was this one just scary or was it funny too?

insideOh this was really funny! There is one scene where a kid is at the supermarket and the shelf stocker tagged the kid as “reduced price”. That made me laugh. There is a lot that is really funny. I also really like how he makes up words and he marked them on the bottom of the page with a little star. There is lots of other funny things that happen too.

What surprised you about this book?

I was surprised by how fast I read it!

So you said you really like the book. Out of 5 stars how many stars would you give it?

I think 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Kids will like it a lot!



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