Movie Review: Disney Pixar’s “Cars 3”


9/10 Stars : Rated G : 89 minutes

On Monday night we were treated to an advanced screening of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 3” in Real 3D which will be opening to the general public this Friday (6/16/17). We have been fans of the Cars series but were definitely less than impressed with Cars 2 for several reasons. One is that they head to Europe which feels like such a huge departure from Radiator Springs and his life here. We really didn’t see much of his friends that we all fell in love with and while the idea of turning him into an “International Car of Mystery” was a fun idea, it just didn’t play for us.


In Cars 3 they are back doing what we fell in love with – training and racing. We also get to see the old friends we love. Sally is back along with the whole gang and we get to meet some new friends as well.

The movie starts where we left off. Lightening McQueen is still dominating the Piston Cup Race circuit and bringing home lots of awards. Life is really good and he is having a lot of fun although the loss of Doc is still weighing heavy on him. 


Soon comes a race where the next generation beats him and he is shocked. He is called old and his friends start to retire as they can’t keep up anymore. Lightening isn’t ready to give up and pushes hard to try to win resulting in the massive crash you have seen in the preview. During his months of rehab and repair he reflects on Doc’s big crash and the fact that he was never happy after he gave up racing and that he wasn’t able to retire on his own terms. This is something Lightening decides isn’t going to happen to him and he hooks up with the Rusteez family to start his training. It is here that he meets his new trainer, Cruz Ramierez and finds her training style doesn’t really work for him. He negotiates a deal with the new owner of Rusteez and this is where our adventure takes off.


My whole family really loved the movie although I may have loved it even more than my guys did – there is a big dose of girl power injected into this high octane film. This one isn’t just for the boys and I have a feeling the girls will be as (if not more so) excited than the boys. I felt like we were back to what the original started and I think this one ranks right up there with the first for me. It reflected on the first but was fresh and colorful and you had all of the voices you remember.

Cars35900d931a3300A friend asked if the movie was scary for younger kids and there were only 2 scenes I remember that could maybe be considered scary. The first was the crash scene that we see in the preview. If they have seen that, it won’t be a surprise and they should do just fine. It is dramatic and Lightening looks pretty banged up but he is fine in the next scene. There is also a demolition derby where Lightening and Cruz are up against some banged up and mean looking cars and trucks. There is one named Miss Fritter who is a derby champ and she is pretty aggressive, but everything turns out just fine and she ends up being a big fan of Lightening McQueen. Other than those 2 things, I can’t recall anything else that might be scary but the “younger cars” do try to get into the heads of the older cars and are not nice. We were sitting around a lot of little kids and outside of parents taking crying babies out, the little ones all stayed in their seats. The movie is rated G so will hopefully give you a jumping off point to decide for yourself and your kids.


Following other Disney/Pixar movies there is something for everyone in this film. The story line was solid and moves us forward in time with Lightening and the gang. He has to work through some tough things that many adults think about in their own lives and gives us a little something to chew on. The humor is great and we were all giggling. And there was enough action that we didn’t get bored once during the 89 minute run time.

As to seeing it with the 3D vs non 3D: it was fun to see everything come alive. I have mentioned in other movie reviews that my brain really struggles with 3D and I come away with a headache. I had that again last night, but it was pretty great with this movie. It will be great to see on the big screen as is too! I don’t think you can go wrong either way!

One tip: there is a secret scene! Stay through the credits!

We love this latest sequel to the Cars series and highly recommend it! If you need some fun stuff to amp up your excitement while you wait for Friday, make sure to check out the special worksheets, games and recipe Disney has allowed me to share with you (you can find everything here!).

Side note: The Pixar Short Movie at the start is called Lou and I am totally in love. It is a story about a toy stealing bullying and how he learns how to make friends. The short is brought to us by Director Dave Mullins (Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, etc). It is so absolutely heartwarming and silly and fun and it left me wanting more. The lesson is a great one for all people to see and reminds us that kindness is really the best thing in life. That a little kindness can really go such a long way and can turn everything around. I really adored this so make sure you get to the theater so you can see it before Cars 3!


Disclaimer: We were given free admission to the movie. All opinions here are my very own and I was no required to leave a positive review. We genuinely loved the movie! All images were used with permission and are © Disney. All rights reserved.

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