Tips & Tricks: Updating our dining table

Getting a new trailer is a lot like buying a new house. You look for good bones, a layout that is going to work for you and your people, and for the amenities you require. When you buy a trailer used you don’t really get to choose which interiors you get unless you look around for a while. We knew we wanted a 19′ Bambi and were open to interiors especially since there just weren’t that many used ones available when we were looking. We ended up with a Flying Cloud and frankly, it was just so beige. I LOVE color and this has been difficult for me. We are slowly making little changes so the trailer works even better for us and also fits with our style a bit more. I am teaming up with my husband here to explain one of our newest updates – a wooden kitchen table.


2017-03-28_07-28-55_794Him: We’ve been slowly customizing our 2016 19′ Flying cloud. We purchased it used so didn’t have the luxury to specify the interior so I’ve been customizing it more to our taste. First the look of the old table with our son eating breakfast while reading his latest Tin Tin book!   It’s just a little bland for our taste.

Me: That’s right! We needed something other than this white plastic table. So we started thinking about what we wanted and decided a butcher block table of some sort would be best for us. We also want to eventually extend our counter tops around the sink so we decided a rounded end would be best to allow for easier entry to the seat next to the sink. I started looking on the Ikea website and found exactly what we needed!

We purchased a butcher block style desk table top from Ikea (Gerton) for $80. It’s real beech wood, comes with a curve in the end and is unfinished so we could make it look as we wished. All I had to do was cut it down to size (which required a solid table rather than one of the other tops that was hollow). I cut one straight line, applied a little sanding, stain, seal and mounted hardware from original table. We made the table 2″ longer than original to account for the curved end. We feel like we might have been able to go an inch longer, but are happy where we are 2017-04-06_08-52-11_335and it will probably work best for us once we extend the counter top. We are going to extend the kitchen counter a little so having the larger curved edge will be critical in enabling easy entry or exit to the dinette. Table top is about 1″ wider, at 27.5″ (70cm), but that doesn’t make much of a difference for us. If you measure from the straight edge out to the middle of the arch, it is 42″ (107cm) long.

Me: After we found our table I went down to the big orange home 2017-04-06_12-31-30_639improvement store and picked up a stain. I decided on Varathane in the color Carbon Grey. I figured some of the wood tones would still come through to look good with the beige cushions and the grey tones would look great with the aluminum sides. Hubby did a great job with staining for me and then finished with 3 coats of the Varathane Polyurathane in a satin finish. I love the look!

2017-04-06_12-37-19_883Him: While the table top is 1/2″ thicker the bed seems to still work just fine. We just make sure to push the cushions to the sides of the table and then push in the center pads like always.

I love how much things have changed already! I can’t wait until we change out the counter tops soon, but before we get to that, stay tuned for a few other changes we have already made! Thank you Honey!

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