Riverside Resort (Whistler, BC)

For Spring Break we decided we wanted to take our new trailer up to Whistler for some skiing. We joked that we were teaching our son how to be a ski bum for the week although we were hardly roughing it. We wanted to try out a couple of the campgrounds in the area and since many of them tend to be closed in the winter due to snow we stuck to the RV resort types of places. We spent 4 nights at the Whistler RV Park & Campground and the last 3 nights closer to town at the Riverside Resort.

IMG_4878At first we weren’t sure if we would ever hear back from Riverside Resort campground. 2 months before we left on the trip I tried calling them and left a couple of messages to try and make a reservation but never heard back from them. I wasn’t able to make a reservation online for the RV spots which left me wondering if they were open year round, full, or just not getting my messages. About a week before we left I thought I would try one more time and left another message and they finally called me back. I am still not sure if they were full until that point or what the story was, but they had space for us so we made our plans.

IMG_4879This campground is located just north of the village near the Nesters Market where we always love to shop. It is also located at the base of the Scandinave Spa, which after a strange fall I had I wish I had taken advantage of! The close proximity had me pining for a massage and a soak in their pools! The campground location is great but it also puts you really close to railroad tracks and the Sea to Sky Highway (Hwy 99) so there is noise in that regard. Part of the campground is open to folks in the winter in the way of yurts, cabins and the RV spots. The tent spots and playground were buried under snow from what we saw, but there were tent spots available online so I would call in the winter if that is something you might be interested in.

In all there are 14 cabins, 10 yurts, 33 tent sits (plus 3 group tent sites), 39 water/power sites, 14 multi-use power/water sites, and 66 full-service RV sites. IMG_4880

Like the other RV park we stayed at, there are long-term residents here and it appears folks may rent the spots and leave their RVs parked there as weekend homes so they can come up and spend a few days. We saw more activity on the weekends than we did during the week. The spots have slightly more privacy than the other campground we stayed at in Whistler. The campground is wooded, but things are relatively tight and you are right next to everyone else. It didn’t feel uncomfortable but some spots are wider open than others.

IMG_4882The amenities here are ok. Showers require tokens you buy at the office and will cost $1 for 6 minutes. The laundry facilities are nice but pricey. For 1 load of wash/dryer I paid $7 and some of my items were still damp (I ran out of cash to finish it up so we just hung the damp items to dry). The WiFi is terrible if that is something important to you. It is very slow, especially at night when everyone is in camp (during the day it was ok). Our spot had electricity, water and sewer. It also had a fire ring and picnic table but with the snow in the area, we didn’t use either of those things. Our site, due to the the amount of snow melt and rain was also very wet and tying to avoid deep puddles while getting out of the car proved challenging. This will not be an issue when times are drier (and things did dry out one day as seen above).

What you are really paying for with this campground is the proximity to the village. You are right on the Valley Trail which makes walking or biking into the village super easy. We walked it in less than 20 minutes. That was fantastic. In the future I will look to get a spot either on Maple Lane or Spruce Circle which sets us back away from the highway and may be a bit quieter. Plus, water/electric sites tend to be less expensive than full hook ups. Overall the campground was very quiet and I wonder how it is come summer when more people are here. It was a great place to stay though and we will look to come back again in the future.

Pros to this campground: proximity to village, proximity to groceries, laundry available, year round reservations, full-service sites, along the walking/biking paths, spa near by, sort of scenic, wooded campground, playground

Cons to this campground: proximity to railroad/Highway/High-capacity powerlines, poor wi-fi, some sites feel really run down and trashy, lag in communication, token fed showers

Contact Information

Riverside Resort

8018 Mons Road

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, V0N 1B8

Tel: 604-905-5533


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