Update: Dottie has left us

A chapter has ended.

img_0849Dottie, our 2010 Camp-Inn 560 Ultra has joined her new family. She was picked up last weekend and we (read I) have been working through those feelings. She was more than just a little trailer for me, but seeing the how excited the new family is about her and hearing all of their questions I just know she is going to be off on some new adventures and is in good hands. I am really excited for all of them, but also a little sad that this chapter in my life has closed. I kind of feel like one of my kids is off to college and starting a new life without me.

16807718_10154747154393145_6826769631698096166_nOn the bright side, my amazing husband has been working very hard to make sure Tin Tin, our new trailer, is completely ready for our first trip which is coming up soon. We don’t usually camp this early, but we are finding that with our new rig we will be able to do this far easier than we would with Dottie (especially when it comes to snow camping and the like). He has installed new inverters so we can power things we want to take with us. He has installed extra batteries so I won’t have to worry about losing power. He has installed solar panels so our batteries are always charging. He has been very busy posting about all of his improvements on the Airstream Forum too. I think he is especially excited to hit the road so we can test everything and make sure it all works before our bigger trip over Spring Break.

Meanwhile I am working on getting everything organized and stowed and figuring out where things live. I am also working out what we still need to get and what we no longer need. I will do a post soon about some organizational tips and things I am using. I will have to do an update to that post after we live in the trailer for a bit.

More soon!

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