Book Review: Timmy Failure – Sanitized For your Protection (book #4) by Stephan Pastis

img_4548This is an interview I did with my son after he read the 4th book in the Timmy Failure Series called Timmy Failure: “Sanitzed for your Protection” by Stephan Pastis. The lad has been a long time fan of this series and now feels even more connected to it due to a chance encounter with it’s creator while we were viewing the Oregon Children’s Theater’s version of “Timmy Failure” last year.

Me: So, you have read the 4th book in the Timmy Failure series. How many stars would you give it out of 5 and why?

Lad: I would give it 4.5. It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty good. It was funny too.

Me: What is the story about? Try not to give anything away!

Lad: It is about a detective named Timmy Failure. He solves weird cases that aren’t really big. Like world wide. This case is about a company called Yip Yap that is trying to make money for a kid named Yergi Plimpkin who doesn’t have any books. And then somebody steals the money for the books for Yergi. Timmy is trying to find the money and suspects a person who he thinks has stolen other people’s money too. She hasn’t stolen anything though but he just doesn’t like her very much.

Me: What was your favorite part of the story?

Lad: My favorite part is when Total runs out of Real Housewives episodes. It is his new favorite tv series.

Me: Why is that your favorite?

Lad: Because on a different page Timmy hears a “ahhhh!” because Total runs out of episodes and it is really funny.

Me: Was there anything you learned from this book?

Lad: No. Not at all.

Me: Fair enough. What do you think other kids will like the best about this book?

Lad: How funny it is. It is very funny. I have said that a few times.

Me: Which of the Timmy Failure books is your favorite so far?

Lad: This one. Number 4. It has been the funniest out of the whole series.

Me: Is there anything else you think kids need to know about this book?

Lad: No, not really. Just that it is really funny and they will like it.

Me: Did you find the book easy or hard to read? Was there anything you didn’t understand?

Lad: Not much that I didn’t understand. It was pretty easy to read. It is a chapter book so kids who like those will like this. It is kind of chapters and graphic novel, but not really graphic novel, more chapter book.

There you have it – Timmy Failure: Sanitized for your Protection as reviewed by my favorite 9-year-old. I am sure your kids will love this. He has loved this series so far and I have a feeling we will be picking up book 5 very soon!


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