Restaurant Review: Barefoot Bistro (Whistler, BC)

We have been coming to Whistler for the last 25 years. I have seen a lot of change, but we have found some real treasures that we return to every year. This year I wanted to make sure we tried some new restaurants to ensure we aren’t missing out on something good by sticking with our status quo. For years we have seen the Barefoot Bistro in the Listel Hotel. We were tired and hungry and pondering a dinner selection and my husband made a reservation without doing much research. We weren’t really sure what we were walking into when we went to the Barefoot Bistro, but when we walked in we felt fairly under-dressed and wondering if we had made a mistake. The staff were very kind and it ended up not being a big deal, but this is a fine-dining experience.


The menu was a 3 course fixed-prix menu for $98 per person. If you wanted wine that was additional and there was a wine pairing. There were set items that were included in this price and then several other items that you could have instead for an extra cost between $12-40). Starters included a selection of oysters, soup, salad or carpaccio. For an additional fee you could choose from a Fois Gras Turine, White Alba 2016-12-23_17-58-43_965Truffle, Farm Quail, or Surf & Turf which included sushi. We decided on the oysters and they were delicious. Main Courses included various cuts of beef, elk, lamb, various fish choices including sturgeon, pheasant and a vegetarian selection. 2016-12-23_17-58-39_401While the food was delicious I felt some of the portion sizes were rather small for the price of 2016-12-23_17-58-26_832things. I ordered the Ahi Tuna as my main course (pictured top left) while my husband had the lamb was a larger portion. My son ordered a steak off the children’s menu and he said it was ok, but not as good as other steaks he has had. One thing I really appreciate they did was add vegetables to the kids plates. We are a family who loves green things on our plates and this is often something that isn’t done on a kid’s plate unless we ask for it. He enjoyed those and his french fries. Desserts were quite interesting and delicious.

The restaurant was very good about working with my allergies also. Nothing was problem which I was grateful for. The staff were all friendly and attentive. They made sure we were well looked after.

Had a quick look at the Ice Room. It would be fun if I still drank!

We have eaten at a lot of restaurants in Whistler and I was surprised by the prices, however I was also thinking something simple and quick would be good and this was not that. This was fine dining, and is an excellent place for folks who are looking to celebrate a special event or are looking for a really nice evening out. That said, my expectations were set at a different level than was needed for this restaurant. I would like to go back again with a different mind set (one of a special occasion) and try it again. And maybe we will leave the kiddo home so we can try out the Kettle-One Vodka Ice Room or have a tour of the wine cellar.

Phone: 604.932.3433


4121 Village Green Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B4 (Adjacent to the Listel Hotel Whistler)


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