Book Review: Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty

img_45325 out of 5 Stars

My son and I were recently at the Amazon Bookstore in our local mall. We love to spend time in all bookstores and after perusing the graphic novel section we headed over to the children’s area. He was off to find chapter books and I was headed to the picture book section because I just love them. The illustrations and stories are some that even adults need to read sometimes. We all learn from them. I had heard of Andrea Beaty’s other books which include Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer but Ada Twist, Scientist was one that I hadn’t heard of. I grabbed it and plopped down into one of the big chairs and got reading.

All I can say? What a wonderful book!

I loved everything about this. For one the illustrations by David Roberts are gorgeous. They have an old french feel on one hand and a feel of the 70s on another. The characters are adorable and sweet and colorful – not just in their attire, but in their personalities! The story is perfect for any family, especially one where a child might be a little – shall we say curious? – about everything in their world. I feel like this books helps with the “why” and “how” and “what” and “when” questions parents might be tired of hearing. And the accidents through “experiments” we are feeling frustration with. And when our children have passions we don’t really understand – we support them nevertheless because we love these tiny humans so much. This book talks about accepting the person for who they are and nurturing their gifts and passions. What an amazing gift we can give our children.

fullsizerender-2I also love that the main antagonist is a little girl – we experience her passions with science. As a woman who was once little (roughly 100 years ago) science was something that wasn’t as common for people in my gender to go into. We had a few role models, but not as many were talked about. We learned about all of the men who made amazing advances and discoveries which is super important to learn, yet our female pioneers got a lot less press and they made a huge impact on our lives today as well. I love seeing an emphasis put not only on the history of our female scientists and their discoveries but an increased encouragement of our girls in this most important field of study. My sister is a scientist and we will be getting this book for her to read to her new baby for sure!

There is great humor along with all of these lessons and I honestly can not recommend these books more! Make sure you check them out. I would say kids as young as 2 and 3 would love the pictures, kids 4-5 will start really grasping concepts and slightly older kids will see themselves in Ada.





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