Activity: Zip-lining with Ziptrek Ecotours (Whistler, BC)

We have gone zip-lining in lots of places and usually it is somewhere warm. My son doesn’t weigh very much and often doesn’t meet the requirement for many zip-line operations. We checked in with Ziptrek Ecotours to see if they might be able to accommodate us and they could on one of their tours. We promptly signed up and my son was beyond excited. This was so much more than the zip-line he has in the backyard and was an adventure we were off on!

Getting ready for the lad's first zip-lining adventure!We headed over to their office and they drove us to their off-sight location which is up the valley past the sliding center. It is a very quite space and beauty surrounds you everywhere. At their warming hut, which is a beautiful space as well, they get you all geared up for your adventure. They have all of the harnesses and helmets required and will make sure you are suited up safely so there are no issues later on. They do a quick safety briefing and they you head out and walk to the first launching pad!

img_9112There was only one tour that would be possible with my son’s weight restriction and that was their Bear Tour. There were either 2 or 3 lines where the Lad had to ride tandem with a guide which he thought was fun because it was a bit faster, but was also able to go it alone several times too which gave him a sense of independence. To ride alone kids need to be over 65lbs on this tour. The Bear Tour allows you to fly across 5 different lines of varying lengths (from 400 to 1100 feet long). All of the zip-lines are connect via a network of trails, bridges and boardwalks. My mom came with us and she has had several back and neck surgeries which prevent her from doing high impact activities. This tour was perfect for her as well. The tour lasts around 2.5-3 hours total and is a perfect for families or first timers or for folks who need something a little lower key

Here is a quick video of my son riding tandem on line 3 (I believe). This was one of the longer runs on this tour.

There are several other tours offering something for everyone. For folks who don’t want to zip-line at all they offer the TreeTrek Canopy Tour which is a walk in the trees. For the more adventurous they offer The Sasquatch Tour, which looks to be pure insanity, and I kind of want to do it. I won’t bungee jump, but this…I think I could do it! The Sasquatch only runs in the summer time (I hear they have to take the line down due to the helicopters in the winter) and people must be a minimum of 10 years old (15 without a guardian) and at least 75lbs. The line is over 600ft above the ground at some points and you are flying along at over 100km/hour! There are several additional tours that fall between the Bear and the Sasquatch for all adrenaline levels!

Prices vary depending on age and tour. The Treetop Tour is your least expensive option starting at $29 (kids)/ $39 (adults). The Sasquatch is one line and runs $99 (kids) / $119 (adults) – which  dollars for value means you are spending more for one run, but what a run it is!! Money wise the Mammoth Tour is the most expensive at $179 (kids) / $199 (adults) but you are running 10 zip-lines and you get a meal during your tour.

We really loved our guides who were really fun, upbeat and kept us laughing the whole time. Not only were they entertaining, but I felt really safe with them and also with handing my child over to them to dangle above the valley.

We highly recommend Ziptrek Ecotours, so make sure you check them out for any zip-lining adventure you would like to have in Whistler!

TOLL-FREE 1.866.935.0001

LOCAL PHONE 604.935.0001


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