Needs are changing!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 shapes up much better than 2016 has for everyone. We are off to an amazing start!

I decided to take the month of December off due to the craziness of the season, too many trips to the hospital (only for appointments!), several unusual snow-days in our fair city, and our annual ski trip to Whistler, BC (lots more to come on this in future posts!). The focus shift was a welcome one and has gotten me ready to take on 2017. The new year is always a time of reflection and fresh starts and starting in 2017 our family is having a big fresh start.

I suffer from chronic illness and while I do really well with managing it and don’t slow down usually too much due to it, our camping season last year made it really clear my needs were changing. My 9-year old is 4’8 and has out-grown his bunks in our sweet little teardrop which means his needs have changed too. I started talking to my husband about needing a trailer with a restroom that sleeps 4 average sized humans and being the most amazing husband I could have ever wished for, he humored me and told me to have a look around. Sadly our current needs are pretty tough to find in a teardrop so I had to move up to a slightly bigger trailer. 

We have always joked that our little Camp-Inn trailers grow up to be Airstreams. This is in jest of course, but there are several reasons we feel this way: the build quality and over all feel of the rigs, parts used have been tested and proven, layout is well thought out, and well those aluminum sides just sing to us. Not to mention the amazing communities that surround both of these companies and their products. I was struggling to give all of that up and naturally gravitated towards the Airstream Bambis.

I started looking for used Airstream trailers and knew we wanted a newish model (2010 and newer). After some research I had my mind made up that I wanted a 20′ Flying Cloud. Pictures always make things feel bigger so I wanted to make sure the space was going to work for us. I need to be in the space to feel it (I am one of those kinds of people). I suggested to my husband that we go down to the dealer so I could stand in a few and get a sense of what I really wanted so we went and had a look at various models to see what it is that felt right to us. We stepped foot in a 19′ Flying Cloud Bambi and knew this was the one.  

I honestly was only going to look at the trailers and didn’t think that we would be buying a trailer that day. This 19′ rig had just come in on trade and my husband and the dealer were able to agree on a price that was in our range. It has everything we need, very little we don’t, and more than we had. It has my required bathroom, it has the Lad’s required bed, and it has sparked an excitement in my husband I haven’t seen before in regards to hitting the road. I thought we would be on hunt longer and it would give us time to find our Dottie a loving new home, but when it is right, it is right. In January we will welcome our new rig home after she goes through her full inspection and detailing. She will join my car “Snowy” in the driveway and we have named her “Tin Tin”. As you, dear reader know, we love an adventure and know she will take us on some amazing excursions all over. 

We talked about taking Dottie to the mountains for skiing in the past, but I struggle with the idea because there is no way to dry our gear and there are seldom bathrooms nearby. Our new trailer will give us the opportunity to head to the mountains and camp in the parking lots while skiing all day and drying gear when we are finished. My childhood is coming full circle, because this is what I grew up doing and I couldn’t be more thrilled to give this gift to our son. We are all really stoked about the possibilities!

Meanwhile, I am struggling a little bit with letting my Dottie-girl go. She has been my travel companion for 5 years. We have had some amazing adventures. We have traveled 19,000+ miles and I have slept in her protection for 110 nights. She kept me safe from heavy rain and thunder and lightening, cool on summer days, warm in the cool spring and fall, and has been perfect in every way. She has followed us everywhere we have asked and never complained once. She introduced us to some amazing friends we hope to always stay in touch with (and hope they will still camp with us 😉). 

Our needs have changed which makes me feel like I am changing from a camper to an RVer, which is something I am struggling with. A little. My son summed up his excitement about Tin Tin with “and I don’t even have to go outside to eat breakfast anymore!” There is nothing better than food cooked outside and that first sip of your hot cuppa going down your throat in the crisp morning air. I think I will still have to step outside with my coffee in the morning! 

I plan to keep my blog and our name. I am still a teardropper at heart. I am still a teardropper in my brain too. I can’t have too much change! And while Tin Tin is twice the size of Dottie, she is still on the little side (she tells herself). We have several adventures planned and we can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned! We are back! Happy New Year!!!

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