Travel: A few of our favorite things in Eugene, Oregon!

Last weekend kiddo and I took a short drive south to my home town of Eugene, Oregon to spend a weekend with my family. With the long holiday we got an extra day there and were able to do a couple of things that we don’t normally get to do. I thought I would share a few of our favorite things!


We have several favorite restaurants in Eugene because there is just so much good food.

img_2505Breakfast: Studio One Cafe is our go to for a nice breakfast. They have the most amazing french toast, and I am going to leave it there because seriously, that is the main reason to go there. They don’t have espresso style drinks but their coffee is pretty good. Just a heads up if you need that triple shot in the morning.

img_2515For a simpler and perhaps less caloric (although probably not much) breakfast we love Humble Bagel too. They have lots of bagels, but they also do some amazing pastries – like my favorite marionberry muffin. We go here when ever we are home to pick up bagels, but they do sandwiches and some breakfasty cook ups too.

img_2514Lunch: My kid is notorious for hating pizza. He hates it. He won’t touch it. He was born this way. The ONLY pizza he will eat though is the Pizza Insalate Caprese at La Perla Pizzeria. They are one on the few pizzerias that have authentic Neapolitan Pizza (seriously, they had to go through special training and have to do special things to keep their certification!) and it is delicious. Everything is cooked in their wood burning oven right there.

img_2512Dinner: Every so often we need to get out for dinner and want to get something on the nicer end. We had a little celebration this weekend and decided to head to Beppe & Gianni’s. They have delicious pastas and authentic Italian meals on offer. Their special ravioli’s last week were to die for and you can never go wrong with their halibut!

sweetimg_2509Dessert: Well, if you manage to save room after eating at Beppe & Gianni’s and walk across the street you have 2 options of amazing dessert. Or you should just go, because seriously, chocolate and lemon and creamy goodness and they have gluten-free and lactose-free stuff too! First off Sweet Life Patisserie has just opened a second location on East 19th called Sweet Life Petite and nothing about what they are serving up is petite! We used to visit their West Eugene location and since they moved into the neighborhood we don’t have to make the drive.

img_2508Practically next door is the best ice cream in the city of Eugene. If you are not familiar with Prince Pucklers ice cream, this place has a cult following in Eugene and you will see massive lines in the summer because this is where everyone goes and for good reason! It is delicious. In fact it is so good President Obama ordered a mint chip in a cup on one of his campaign visits. If you like mint chip, just order the “Obama”!


With the University of Oregon being in town there is always lots of activity going on and plenty to do. Fall brings basketball, football, and volleyball into town and there are always tickets available.

phonto-2Basketball and Volleyball are viewed at the Matthew Knight Arena which is an amazing facility. It not only hosts all of the sporting events but also hosts many concerts. Autzen Stadium is where you need to go to watch a little Oregon Duck Football. Despite the year we are currently having this is a pretty amazing place to watch football and is on the bucket list of a lot of football fans. It has been called the loudest stadium in phonto-3America, beating out the “Big House” and other huge stadiums. This is quite a feat as Autzen only seats around 56,000 people which is half of the stadiums with similar rankings. The bright side of our poor showing this year is that there are tickets available for purchase after several years of total sell outs, so it is easier than ever to get a seat!

In the spring “Track Town USA” goes into full running mode and track meets fill historic Hayward Field! You can watch the amazing U of O Ducks run, including our own Devon Allen who competed in the 2016 img_2501Rio Olympics and in May the Prefontaine Classic brings world famous athletes to town to compete. This race is in honor of our local legend Steve Prefontaine who died tragically in a car accident near Hendricks Park. In the past we have seen some incredible athletes compete on this track and the city of Eugene really knows how to cheer properly for runners. This is not only an incredible venue to enjoy, but the culture around it is amazing too!


IMG_6747We have covered different hiking trails in the Eugene and Springfield previously, but two of our favorites are Mt. Pisgah and Spencer’s Butte. Both are right in town and short hikes that are perfect for smaller adventurers. Both offer great views of the area too, which is a nice payback for the effort! There is a nice paved walk on the riverfront trail too, which gives views of the Willamette flowing through town. There are several bridges to cross over and depending where you are parks! It can go past Alton Baker Park and the Rose Garden which are really nice stops along the way.



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