Book Review: The Pocket Book Series from Kane Miller

img_38745 out of 5 Stars

My son is a big fan of certain non-fiction books. He loves to read the World Record Books and things about space and rockets and cars and science. One of our favorite book series are the the Pocket Books from Kane Miller. These are fantastic little books (no really, they are little measuring in at only 4.5″x6.5″ or 11.5cm x 16cm) that cover 6 subjects: Mammals, Insects, Reptiles, Birds, Natural Wonders and Cities of the World.

Here is why we BOTH love these books so much!

  1. These books are jam packed with loads of information! For instance the “Natural Wonders” book covers “Land Marvels” such as canyons, caves, craters, deserts, forests, islands, mountains (and volcanoes) and various fullsizerender-01rocks as well as “Water Treasures” like bays, geysers, glaciers lakes, reefs, rivers, seas and waterfalls. It tells you where each wonder is located, the size of the feature, whether the size is a conservation area or a world heritage site (among other things), what it is made of on top of various facts.
  2. Information is given is smaller “bite sized” chunks so it doesn’tfullsizerender feel completely overwhelming for the kiddos to sit down and check it out. Even reluctant readers will enjoy these because they aren’t as daunting as some books with lots of text. Each book is 128 pages too, so it feels completely “doable” for kids!
  3. The “Cities of the World” book gives us a chance to look at different places we have either been or places we dream of going one day. We love to compare things like population numbers and city size and marvel at all of the img_3878languages spoken. This might actually be out favorite book out of the series.
  4. But the animal books are also big time favorites and we tend to take the “Mammals“, “Birds“, and “Insects” books with us when we are camping. It is fun for my guy to see animals in the wild and then look them up in the book to get the “facts” about them. He can also see what their fullsizerender-02current status is in regards to whether they are endangered or thriving. He is learning some valuable skills about research on top of learning some really interesting things about various animals. He likes reading the books back to front, over and over.
  5. Like I said, these are great for reluctant readers too. Big, beautiful pictures on each page makes reading go quicker and kids feel successful as pages fly buy. Plus, look at all of that color! Who wouldn’t want to stare at each of these pages for a bit?
  6. Lastly, the price is one you simply can’t beat. Each book is $4.99! A seriously good deal for a quality book that will get a lot of use!

Give these books a try with your kids. I have seen kids as young as 3 and 4 years old loving to flip through the books, especially the animal books, just to look at the pictures. Slightly older kids will still love the pictures, but will also really enjoy reading the text and learning the facts.

Word of warning: you might start to feel like your kids are smarter than you – or maybe that is just me!

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