Book Review: Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen

img_36203.5 of 5 Stars

I have read a lot of Carl Hiaasen books. They are really fun, really fast reads where I don’t have to think too much and I can kick back and just enjoy the ride. Razor Girl ticked all of those boxes and just dropped.

Mr. Hiaasen has a fun, dry sense of humor and I always find myself giggling at certain parts of his books. This one was no exception.

The story takes us to the Florida Keys where many of Mr. Hiaasen’s books are set. Lane Coolman, a talent agent to the famous Buck Nance who is the patriarch of the hit show Bayou Brethern is rear-ended. The crash is a scam run by Merry Mansfield, our razor girl, and her cohort. Little did they know they hit the wrong guy which leads to Lane not making it to Buck’s live appearance, Buck panicking and everything going completely wrong. He takes off after insulting everyone in the bar he is appearing in and disappears. Enter Andrew Yancy, a former detective who has been shamefully demoted to a health inspector but can’t give up on his goal of getting his badge back. He feels if he can find Buck Nance after he went missing and solve the other crimes the Sheriff will have no choice but to reinstate him. Meanwhile Yancy is also trying to keep the new neighbors from building a McMansion on the lot next door that will block his views of the sunset and is dealing with a girlfriend who has moved to Oslo and another woman who inserts herself into his life.

The book has several story lines to follow, keeping you busy bouncing from one point of view to another. There is the Sand Man Trebeaux who is a pretty despicable person scamming people all over the place, “Big Noogie” the leader of the mafia who is double crossed but makes things right, Brock Richardson is a high power class action lawyer who is completely addicted to a product he is currently finding plaintiffs for due to the medical issues it causes, a fan named Blister who completely obsessed with Buck and his band of backwoods brothers and so many other fun characters. Everything fits together nicely and never takes itself too seriously. Things change up quickly and keep you interested. If you have read Mr. Hiaasens other books you will recognize a few of the characters and already know some of the back story here, but Razor Girl stands on it’s own really well and if you haven’t read his other books you will not be lost at all.

This was a fun read and was very light which is just what I needed. It is a perfect for the beach or in front of a nice big fire as you dream of the beach in winter. Perfect vacation reading for when you just need to be taken away. The book is on stands now so pick it up!

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