Tip & Trick: Pedicures!

I know what you are thinking right now. “Pedicures? Seriously? How is this a tip & trick for camping?”

Yes. I am serious! This is a tip, although maybe not so much a trick.

I am not sure if your kids are as dirty as mine, but after a good amount of camping time, I don’t want to touch his feet. They are usually crusty, nails are totally black with dirt, all broken and nasty and they smell.

Heading out for pedicures after a long trip is a great way to end things on a note of Ahhhhhh! Your toes get cleaned up and are pretty again, your legs and feet get massaged after lots of hiking and adventuring, and we usually treat ourselves with bubble tea and a bahn mi or bagel from our favorite local place – Fat Straw.

And yes, my son has started asking to go now. His favorite part is the massage and the ladies at our nail salon love him so much they give him extra long foot rubs and are falling all over themselves to take care of him. I love it! He loves it! They love it!

I not only see this as a way to get our feet taken care of when they are feeling pretty rough, but I am teaching my son to take care of himself, to take care of his body, and to have a treat every so often.

So, you see, it is a tip (& trick-ish)! And a really good reason to encourage a little pampering for your boys and girls!

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