Book Review: Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman

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Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman is a story about a little red-haired girl who is in foster care. She doesn’t have a family, and is picked on at the foster home where she lives for being weird, but seems to have a good sense of humor about most things (other than being called Red) and a thirst to find a place to call home. She is looking for her personal paradise. One day she “mistakenly” doesn’t dress in her school uniform correctly and has to go home to fix it, missing the bus. From there she takes off trying to run away from her current life in search of one that is more desirable for her. She is in search of her paradise. She is found later that day by the town police officer, who knows her and tends to pick her up when she runs off. While he is on the radio to the other officer in town, the police car she is locked in is picked up by aliens and she is transported to a spaceship where items are collected for some supreme alien being’s “museum”. During the fair space pirates show up and everyone is evacuated, but when escape pods run out the remaining people on the ship crash onto a planet and adventure ensues.

This is the first book in the series, with more books due out eventually. I couldn’t find any information on future release dates or how many books will be in the series, so we’ll have to watch and see!


My son sat and read this in one sitting. He really liked it a lot. He liked the aliens and the sci-fi aspect of it. He thought it was funny that characters in the book were reading other graphic novels he knew was fun for him to point out. He recommends it totally!

I was a little less excited about it, and I am sure that is due to my own insecurities and sensitivities as I am a red-head, raising a red-head, married to a red-head, with lots of red-heads in our family. I would love to challenge all of our various media to portray red-heads differently than our stereo-types, which tend to be less than flattering. One reason I bought the book was due to the main character being a red-head and I was just hoping for so much more. While I may be the only one who is slightly bothered by this we are such a small world minority (second smallest in fact at just under 2%). We are picked on a lot though so this was something I was curious as to how Mr. Pittman would handle it and I really like that Red stands up for herself. I think that is a great lesson for all people! She is smart and brave and has goals. I really like a lot of her qualities – just the stereo-types got me!

I felt like the story was fun and we would recommend this book for folks who love sci-fi and aliens and adventure – this is right up your alley! It was an easy read and I think kids 7 and up will do just fine with it. There is some good humor too, which made the book really fun. I look forward to seeing where the rest of her journey goes and if she can find her true home – her true paradise.

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