Book Review: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

We have been all over the place these last 6 weeks. From the time the last school bell rang, I have been home only a week and I am not complaining because we have had some awesome adventures (which I will write about later), only that it hasn’t left me much time to get on the computer and I didn’t hedge enough posts. I have some time this week to write, and I want to start off with one of the books I have read during the last 6 weeks, which I would highly recommend.

IMG_2690We give it: 5 out of 5 stars 

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown is such a beautifully written book and the messages are equally gorgeous. I feel like there are so many lessons all wrapped up in one story: acceptance, love, transition, sacrifice, adaptation, and grace. My husband is a huge sci-fy fan and has been trying to indoctrinate our son (and me to some extent) into this world. This book was such a cool combination of sci-fy, nature, fantasy, and adventure. We loved it!

The story starts with a cargo ship that finds itself in a storm. The ship is tossing and turning and boxes are falling off into the sea. Several boxes wash ashore on a small island and crash against the rocks, smashing the robots inside the boxes into bits and pieces. Only one of the robots survives all of this. A few curious otters end up playing with the robot and switch her on by accident. They get very scared since they have never seen anything like the robot and run away. As do most of the animals on the island. The robot, named Roz, works to learn how to survive on the island. How to adapt to the seasons. How to live with the animals and eventually befriending them. There is an aspect of philosophy added in as well regarding where Roz comes from, why was she built, and the fear of finding the truth out there.

I have to say, one of my favorite passages in the book is about becoming a mother. I think all parents can relate to this! It hit home and made me giggle a bit and think to myself…is that ALL it takes?


Roz finds herself in a position where she has a goose egg and has become it’s “mother” due to her accidentally killing the rest of the goose family. She devotes herself to the egg/gosling and taking the best care of the baby. This endears her to the other animals gradually and the reader is shown a family that isn’t what society considers normal, even by animals standards. You read about their issues and how they deal with them. You read about babies growing up and leaving the nest too, which is something I am completely dreading in real life.

IMG_2691This is such a lovely story for all families. The chapters are really short (only a few pages in most cases) so younger readers will not feel overwhelmed. There are also some graphics sprinkled through out the book, which I loved. They hearken back to the robots of the 60s (or even Dr. Who’s Robot Men a bit). They are simple and sweet. Some of the concepts might be a little hard for younger kids to grasp, and my 8 year old asked a few questions about things, but read it cover to cover and loved it.

We highly recommend this book to kids and adults alike!

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