Coming back soon!

pokemonHi everyone! I am just back from a 3 week boat trip and have fallen a little behind on writing because I decided to take some time off for the trip. I am hoping to get some new posts up starting this week (probably Thursday) unless Pokemon GO! has us so busy I miss it!

Seriously you guys, the Pokemon GO! has my kid so excited! Have you checked it out yet? My mom gave a great description when she said it was kind of like geocaching for Pokemon characters and items. The game was released on 6 July to much anticipation and fan-fare. It is super easy to get too (and free, although there are in-app purchases so be aware with kids using it)! Download it onto your phone (Apple or Android), log in either with your Trainer Club or Google account and get walking. There are various points around all neighborhoods that you can find different things and when a Pokemon is in your area, your phone will make a sound and vibrate (as long as you have that feature turned on) to alert you. You can then decide if you will collect that character. We are really new to it and only on level 3, but when we get to level 5 we can start going to the gyms and battling. Right now

Despite server issues the last few days we are just enjoying the hunt for characters. I am finding it fun and my kid wants to get out and walk everywhere because that is the only way you can find things (it is pretty tough to cheat the system by all accounts)! We are going to look for Pokemon everywhere. One down side to this game is that it really goes through your battery, so if you have an additional battery for your phone be sure to take it along. We were out for 2 hours this morning and I lost nearly 50% of my battery, even with the battery saver feature activated.

Here is an article I found (a little too late) that has helped with a few tips and strategies in playing (you will want to check it out before you start to play if you like Pikachu!

See you soon!


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