Book Review: Your Buddy Boodles Series by Christine Burger

*I was recently given 3 books in a series to review, and was asked to give my honest opinion. Here it is! As always all opinions are my own.*

The Your Buddy Boodles series written by Christine Burger is a really adorable set of books discussing 3 different topics: new baby, adoption, and what families look like. Each topic is contained in it’s own short picture book (each is around 25 pages long) and I found them to be so inclusive and wonderful. I love that the “biggie” of the story has a friend “Buddy” who explains everything to him so they can work his way through the process together. The stories were a pleasure to read. The illustrations are beautifully done and portray scenes of love. I felt like I was reading books from my own childhood. These books are going to be ideal for preschooler and early elementary kids (recommended ages are 4-8).

Here are reviews for each of the books according to us:

“We’re Having A Baby”

This is a super sweet book explaining in simple terms about a new baby coming into a family and the impact a big brother or sister can have. I really loved the way the author lays out expectations that even younger readers will understand. The author talks about mommy being tired and that as baby gets bigger she won’t be able to pick the “biggie” up but will still get to hug and cuddle them.

It doesn’t only explain what is going to happen leading up to the baby being born, but it also talks about what is going to happen when mommy and daddy go to the hospital and what needs the baby will have once they arrive. The story feels very inclusive talking about the kids maybe sharing a room at some point and that the “biggie” can help pick things out to help get ready for the baby.

I read this with my 8-year-old and while we are a family of 3 and not planning more kids, he thought the story was told well and thinks it will help other kids with having a new brother or sister join the family. He says this was his favorite book in the series.

Kids 3 and up will get the most out of the story and we highly recommend for families who are expecting and have “biggies” at home!


“Being Adopted is Super-Duper Special”

This is a really sweet book all about adoptions and being adopted. I thought it was really wonderful the way the author speaks to why adoptions happen, where the adopted kids come from, and that people really want these kids even though their birth-mommies might not have been able to take care of them.

At first my son wasn’t sure what to think of this book, but when I explained that a couple of kids at his school had been adopted into forever homes, he felt like he had a better understanding of their situations. I feel like it is a valuable lesson for kids who have been adopted, are being adopted, or just for kids to learn about why kids are adopted in general. When we learn about other’s stories it helps with understand and compassion!

I feel like kids 4+ will do well with this book and the concepts. It will open up discussions about adoption with you kids and takes most mystery out of it. We highly recommend.


“What Does a Family Look Like?”

This is my favorite book in the whole Your Buddy Boodles collection. I think it is really wonderful how it explains that there are all sorts of families out there and that each family can look different. Some have a mommy and daddy, some have just a mommy or just a daddy, some have 2 mommies and/or 2 daddies, some have people who look really different. Everything about this book spoke to the lessons we teach in our house. I loved seeing different ethnic groups represented and ALL of the different types families. This is so important for kids to learn about and it warmed my heart to see our lessons in one book!

My son feels like he “knows this stuff already, but for younger kids this will be really good”.

I feel like kids 3+ will do well with this book and the concepts. It will open up discussions about all the different kinds of families out there with your kids. It shows how we are all different but we have some things in common, the most important being love. We highly recommend this book.

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