Activity: Prehistoric Gardens

We have stopped at the Prehistoric Gardens twice. We stopped here years DSC_3106ago when my son was 4 and then again this summer. He wasn’t overly excited about it back then, but I was thinking with him being a little older on this trip and the fact we were meeting up with one of his friends it would be be more fun for him. That didn’t appear to be the case.

I think kids who really like dinosaurs or people who want to check out some big beautiful plants in a DSC_3110rain forest setting, this will be a stop you should make. It can be expensive if your kid is basically using the path as a track and not taking in any of what they are trying to teach. If you want to stop for the leg-stretch there are less expensive options! I really wanted him to like it, but it just wasn’t happening.

It is a beautiful walk and if I had been on my own I would have spent more time having a look at signs and enjoying the environment. The life size dinosaur statues are incredible and the giant plants and the smell of the gardens was inspiring. The detail and care taken in creating the place is fantastic.

The little gift shop is a funny collection of all sorts of interesting things ranging from St. Christopher Medallions to books on dinosaurs and rain forests to crystals and incense.

They had baby triceroptops there too!  So cute!


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