Campground: Jessie M. Honeyman State Park (Florence)

This summer we were exploring the southwestern corner of our state in our little teardrop. As a young girl I used to go to Girl Scout summer camp at Camp Cleawox, which is right next door to Honeyman State Park and the closest I could get my son to that camp. It held such amazing memories for me. We didn’t have time to play like I used to play here, taking snow disks to the dunes and sliding into the lake or going swimming. We got in around dinner time and there was only time for us to drop anchor, get things set up, made some dinner and hit the hay. We turned in early because we had plans to go on a dune buggy ride the next morning. There was time to play at the playground though. It seems there was no time to take pictures on this trip, so I will have to add those another time!

This State Park is a great one but it is big and has a lot of people. Everyone is packed in pretty tight. Our campsite was 277 and things were tight for us to get in, but it was a cozy little spot and we did fine with it. It has a big playground (we had a bully situation, but when the weaker kid’s mom showed up, the tough kids took off and peace was restored to the playground). It has many of the same facilities as our other state parks in flushing toilets, showers, trails and rangers.

For folks who don’t have a trailer or a tent, yurts are available for rent, but you will need to make your reservation well in advance of your trip to get in.

Swimming, hiking, biking and many other adventures are available for your with this state park and it is a great one and conveniently located just outside Florence, Oregon. We also enjoyed our dune buggy ride with Sandland Adventures, which is about a mile away from the park.

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