Activity: Sandland Adventure Sandrail Tour!


I called up Sandland Adventures and booked our Dune Buggy tour before we set out on our trip. We were staying a mile down the road at Honeyman State Park, so this was super convenient to get to and there was parking for my truck and trailer while we were out on our ride.

We decided on the half hour Sandrail Tour, which was a really fast ride through the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. A section of the Recreation Area is protected from OHVs but there is land available for folks who want to go out and experience the land this way and that is where the tours take you. Our driver was an expert at driving the sandrail as well as our tour guide. He told us about the land we were going over and explained how things had changed. He constantly checked in with my son to make sure he wasn’t scare or bored. I really appreciated him giving him that extra attention since it wasn’t possible for me to sit with him. He ended up sitting in the front!

While we were underway it was like riding a roller coaster going up one side of a dune and down the other, wheel spins and crazy turns where theIMG_7548 back end broke loose. They have a tamer version of the tour where they take you out in the Giant Dune Buggy and it is a slower tour of the dunes with a few up and downs. We highly recommend checking these tours out! There was sand everywhere but this was such a fun way to end our camping adventure.

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