Planning our big summer trip – My ExplOREGON Road Trip

I am an adventurer. I love to travel and see new things. I like being where things are foreign to me and I like trying things for the first time. This has never scared me. Places call to me, and I try to listen. I had big plans this summer to do another long trip through 1 of our National Parks (Glacier) and 2 of Canada’s most beautiful National Parks (Banff and Japser). I can’t wait to see them. I want to see the glaciers and ride in the giant glacier trucks, I want to go to tea houses and see moose. I want to hike to pristine lakes. But not this year. We are saving that trip for next year.

This year, Oregon is calling me home. Oregon is telling me I need to have another look at her. Oregon says, “Sarah, you have lived here your whole life. You have seen a pretty good percentage of me, but there is more to explore. You need to stay home and remember what it is that makes you, you. You need to show the Lad.”

I grew up in the Willamette Valley, but I come from a family of explorers. We have travelled the state exploring. This state encompasses everything I am from waves crashing on our ocean beaches to the snow in our mountains, our deserts and our rivers, our valleys and our hills, our lush green to red rocks, our ponderosa pines and Douglas Firs, banana slugs to salmon, from huckleberries to our Oregon grape, from our Shakespeare festivals to our rodeos to our timber festivals, from our Beavers to our Ducks (and the occasional platypus) – I am Oregon and all of this fills my soul.

It is time for me to show my son what Oregon really is, in all her glory. We are pretty encapsulated in the valley, and there is more to us than hipsters and coffeehouses and microbrews. There are amazing farmers, incredible open spaces, no (or at least far less) light pollution, good people, various Eco systems, hiking, swimming and paddling in lakes and rivers, and animals. I am going to show him the physical of what is flowing through his veins. We will learn about Oregon’s first people. We will learn about the settlers. We will learn about ourselves.

This summer, we are going to do what I have deemed our “Great ExplOREGON Road Trip”. We are going to places that are less traveled and some places travelled often. We are checking out some of our best known places and some of our little known places. It will be great!

If you could explore Oregon, where would you go? What would you want to see?

Please stay tuned and see what we find. I can’t wait to find out myself! What an adventure!

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