Favorites: Multi-tool Clip!

I grew up watching MacGyver. He was so awesome! When he found himself in a jam he would search his pockets and his surroundings and could make a bomb and a trap to catch the bad guys with a gum wrapper, two potato chips, some dental floss, some potpourri, a wet noodle, and a herring. I might be remembering that wrong, but he was always prepared and he always caught the bad guy.

I have to admit I squealed a little bit when I read an article about a designer in Israel who wanted a better clip to hold his yarmulke on. He designed a clip that not only does that job, but 7 more on top! Let’s face it, those Swiss Army knives are useful, but can be bulky.

I immediately put this on my birthday list, sent it to my husband, and being the awesome guy he is, he ordered me 4 clips 6 months before the start of my next journey around the sun (I have a total keeper!). Check this out!


It has a trolley key, a small ruler, 2 flat head screw drivers, a flat Philips head screw driver, a saw, a wrench, AND most importantly it will keep my hair our of my face! SCORE!

The clip is a little bigger than the other ones I use on a regular basis, but it also holds more hair back.


At $9-ish dollars each, it is a fun and reasonable gift for those who have it all. And maybe for those folks who always find themselves in a pickle!

Que the MacGyver theme song!

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