Favorite: Sweet and Salty Snack (Cranberry Almonds)

I decided to take a little hiatus as we were done with camping for the season, we were heading into the holidays, and I was busy trying to appease the Snow Gods, much to my dissatisfaction. I figure, if you can’t ski, plan your camping trips! We are making limoncello out of lemons over here!

As I thought about our camping this summer, I was thinking about some of my favorite snacks, and I got a craving and bought a few of the things I needed today. I am not a runner, but I am trying to be, and I am training for my first 5k. I need some of the snacks I like for my hikes right now to help with my hunger, and my favorite one is salty and sweet, just like yours truly! Here is how I make my salty sweet cranberry almonds! It really could not be easier!


You should probably clear about 3 minutes on your calendar for this one (just depends on how long you want to “shake it!”).

Here is what I used for this batch:


I really like the full salt almonds, but I am trying to protect my heart a little bit, and the 50% less salt adds just enough salt to satisfy me and I am not a bloated in the morning. It isn’t to my taste using the salt free almonds (I love raw almonds all on their own, but with the cranberry and exercise I prefer the salt). These cranberries are a bit plumper and not quite so dried out, which makes them extra delicious.

I take a gallon sized zipper bag and pour the full bag of cranberries and the full bag of almonds in. Seal it up and give it a good shake to mix everything really well. Open the bag and enjoy! Seriously. That is it!

The salt helps replace the salt you sweat with hiking and running, the almonds give you some great protein, and the sweetness/sugar gives you a little boost of energy. Sometimes I throw in some salted sunflower seeds to change it up a little bit! This packs well in lunches, backpacks, tiny kitchens, in your pocket, on the ski lift (sigh), and is easy to snack on in the car!

What are your favorite snacks for your exercising and camping? Share them in the comments below!

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