Favorite: Salt!

I have had to take a little break from blogging. The end of summer became crazy busy with trips overseas to visit family and vacation (pretty soon I will post a link here so you can read about it), getting the Lad back in school, and settling back into our time zone and schedules.

Now that I am settled, I have a little more time to blog again, and I have a confession. I have already admitted to my love of avocados, but I have never admitted to my love of salt. Luckily, living in Oregon I have an amazing store near by, but not too close, that I love. The Meadow is a shop specializing in salts, chocolate and bitters. This is my go to for any specialty salts I need, including my salt blocks.

The big one on the left is my new one, the one on the right is my well loved one.

If you have never cooked on a salt block, it is amazing. I see it like cooking on a mixture of a grill and a sauté pan. Many friends ask what I cook on it, and I can list steaks, scallops, salmon, halibut, shrimp and pork chops. You can also fry eggs and vegetables. Salt is an amazing conductor of heat and I can get my blocks up to sear meat easily (425-435 degrees F), all while naturally seasoning my food. You can also use them on BBQs and in your oven.

Salt blocks are also amazing conductors of cold. Put your salt block in the freezer for a couple of hours and use it as a serving platter for cheeses, deli meats and salamis or any other items you would like to keep cold at parties (you can not use blocks you have cooked with if you are going to do this, and vice versa, so you have to commit one way or another).

They are very versatile. Here are some other ideas from the Meadow.


I also really like regular salt too. I was recently in the store and tried these two flavored salts:


I had never considered Vanilla salt, but I think it will taste amazing on chocolate ice cream. They also suggested using it in cakes and pies. I think that would be delish as well!

The Black Truffle Salt is incredible. A little goes a long way, and my current favorite use is on popcorn. I made a batch this morning (you can see how I make popcorn here) and my 7-year-old decided he was just going to take the big bowl with him until I called him back. Not so fast young man!


Mmmm, salt. Another spice of life!

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  1. Thanks for the love! Give me your email address and I’ll send you a picture of my latest salt block grilling on the open fire while camping! Smoky salt-seared steak… Sooooo gooood.

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