Campground Review: A & A Mesa Verde (Cortez, CO)

During our planning we figured by the middle of our trip we we were going to need certain things. Most national parks don’t have electric for you to plug into at their campgrounds, so I was thinking my batteries would be getting low (I am working on a solar option as we speak!). We also thought with the heat of summer in the southwest, we would want a place for the kids to swim and cool off. After deciding Mesa Verde was a stop on our tour, rather than looking at the campground inside the park, which didn’t offer some of the things we were looking for, we decided to look right outside the park. My travel buddy found the A & A Mesa Verde, so we decided to check it out.

This campground lies just across the highway from the gates Mesa Verde National Park. After checking in with the brand new owners, we unhitched and headed over to the Visitor’s Center which was a 2 minute drive. The campground offers a well-maintained pool that is on the smaller side, an 18-hole mini golf course (it is really reasonable at $3/person), a nice “family room” like area with tv and foosball, playstructure, and their showers and restrooms are tidy and offer everything you need. There are also laundry facilities available.

Our campground had putt-putt, so of course we needed to play a round.

Each campsite came with nice level gravel pads, electric and water, and tables and fire pits. If you don’t bring a BBQ with you, they have several small charcoal ones for you to rent. We found the camping area nice and shady, with a bit of privacy, however the RV area where the big rigs and larger trailers park didn’t have much foliage. I liked the little pocket we were in and were thankful I didn’t have to hear generators.

The campground is about 10 minutes from the town of Cortez, Colorado which gives you easy access to supplies and restaurants. We chose to go into town for dinner as it was unusually windy that night (at least that was our excuse and we are sticking to it!).

This campground is a really nice alternative to staying in the park, particularily if you are needing more creature comforts. We would recommend staying here, especially if you can be near spots 24 and 25 (and in that little loop). Those were the spots we stayed in.

(Side note: I justed visited their new website and it looks like their name is changing from A & A Mesa Verde to Ancient Cedars @ Mesa Verde RV Resort.)

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