Campground Review: Canyonlands Campground (Moab, UT)

There is something special about Utah’s national parks for me. I consider myself a mountain person. I love water and rain and trees and green. When I get into any of Utah’s national parks, I feel like I am home for some reason, which is strange because they are red, and there is no water (or very little when we have been there) and the trees are not comforting to me like our forests. Maybe it is the thinner air since we are at elevation. Maybe there is a magic spell. Maybe the rocks are talking to me. Whatever it is, after Zion I was really excited to see 2 more of their wonderful national parks – Canyonlands and Arches.

After visiting the amazing Mesa Verde National Park, we packed up and drove to Moab, where we had reservations at the Canyonlands Campground, which is right in town. Last time we stayed in the area we stayed at Moab Valley RV, which is a little bit outside of town and we liked it at the time. My concern was shade though and I checked around, and decided out best bet was Canyonlands Campground.

Upon check in, the folks were very friendly, good humored, and accommodating. All around wonderful folks. As with most RV Resorts, the privacy was lacking, and camper etiquette was not great, but spots were clean and level and we had electric and water which was wonderful. The campground not only has RV spots, but also tent areas and cabins, so you get different types of campers here. The folks that run the campground take a lot of pride in place, and you can see it all around. Big cottonwood trees kept things cooler than otherwise (it was still hot…let’s face facts, it was summer in Utah, what did I expect?), and dropped a sticky sap like substance everywhere. It washed off fine, but was a bit of a mess.


The bathrooms were clean and had everything we needed. Showers there were great. Best of all (by the kids standards), they had a pool, which we enjoyed every night. They also had a nice play structure, which was great when the sun went down, but was very hot in the middle of the day.

The campground is just down the road from a nice supermarket where we were able to restock. Here is a little secret: you can buy ice cream at the gas station right in front of the campground, or you can walk 2 blocks to the Moab Brewery and indulge in some very fine, freshly made gelato. We made two walks down and it was worth it every time! They also have some delicious freshly brewed root beer too (we didn’t taste the real beers, but a lot of folks were imbibing and seemed happy).

The overall convenience of the campground location by this point in the trip was fantastic. It fulfilled every need we have.


This was the perfect location for our last days of the trip. From here we headed home, with an overnight stop in Boise at the Boise-Meridian KOA. We enjoyed our stay here and would stay with them again, no question.

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