Campground Review: Boise-Meridian KOA (Meridian, ID)

On our way home from our 3 week trip I wanted to break up the drive from Moab to Portland. All totaled, it is roughly 16 hours from point A to B, and a good “half-way ” point was Boise. I was simply looking for a safe place to stop for the night that would have a bit of fun for the Lad and would be close to the freeway. I decided to try out the Meridian-Boise KOA.

First off, the folks who work there are really nice, they greet you with warm smiles, were very friendly and escort you to your spot. They had a nice rec room with a tv and a pool table, which was a nice cool place to relax for those of us without AC (it was 102 when we pulled in). They also have an indoor pool, which was packed with people. We had power and water hook ups as well. Toilets and showers were clean. The people camped around us were also very, very nice.

The downsides are something we have come across at other KOAs. They are pretty much giant parking lots, with giant RVs, and not much in the way of shade or privacy. You are packed in pretty tight. The bright side of being so small and packed in is that we ended up having shade from the big rigs, but we had very little breeze.


My little trailer is behind my truck in this picture. We had plenty of room in our site, and folks were joking that we should get a discount since we used up less than half of our space!


This campground served the purpose I was looking for, based on my requirements above, however I wouldn’t want to stay for more than 1 night (it doesn’t fit in with my camping style). If you are looking for something along these lines, or have similar requirements to what I had, it is convenient. If you want something more scenic and natural, you would be better off staying somewhere else.

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