Trip itinerary: Yosemite and the Southwest

We just returned from 22 days road tripping and camping across 8 states, seeing 6 national parks, 2 state parks, several friends, and having lots of fun. A few of the days early on were visits to friends along the way, otherwise it was all road tripping!

Here is what our trip looked like.

Day 1: Travel day – Portland to Valley of the Rogue State Park
Day 2: Travel day – Valley of the Rogue State Park to Gold Rush Country, CA
Day 3: Gold Rush Country, CA (visited The Black Chasm)
Day 4: Travel day – Gold Rush Country to Bay Area (visited the California State Railroad Museum)
Day 5: Travel day – Bay Area to Yosemite National Park (Wawona Campground)
Day 6: Yosemite (Visitor’s Center & Mariposa Grove)
Day 7: Yosemite (Pioneer Village & Sentinal Dome hike)
Day 8: Yosemite (the Valley)
Day 9: Yosemite (Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad, a trip into Oakhurst)
Day 10: Yosemite (recovery day)
Day 11: Travel day – Yosemite to Kershaw-Ryan State Park
Day 12: Travel day – Kershaw Ryan State Park to Zion National Park (Watchman Campground)
Day 13: Travel day – Zion to Grand Canyon National Park (Mather Campground)
Day 14: Grand Canyon (recovery day & Visitor’s Center)
Day 15: Grand Canyon (Flagstaff Day)
Day 16: Grand Canyon (Ooh Ahah Point hike, Family Discovery Pack, Jr Ranger chat at El Tovar Lodge)
Day 17: Travel day – Grand Canyon to Mesa Verde National Park (Four Corners National monument, A&A RV Park, Visitor’s Center)
Day 18: Travel day – Mesa Verde to Moab (tour of Balcony House, driving tour of Mesa Verde, checked in at Canyonlands Campground)
Day 19: Moab (recovery day)
Day 20: Moab (Canyonlands National Park)
Day 21: Moab (Arches National Park)
Day 22: Travel day – Moab to Boise (checked in at Boise-Meridian KOA)
Day 23: Travel Day – Boise to Portland

We took several recovery days to fix trailer breakdowns and to prevent kid breakdowns. Everyone needs to recharge batteries and we had some really long days in the car. In total we drove 4087.6 miles, passed through 8 states (did Utah 2 times, so we could actually say 9 states), saw 6 National Parks and 2 State Parks, and had tons of fun!

In the next few weeks I will get the reviews written for the trip, so be on the look out!

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