Recipe: Pasta Salad version 2!

I love a good pasta salad and usually make them much bigger than we need for one sitting, because they keep in the fridge well, are filling, and often taste even better for the second meal. I like when the pasta absorbs flavor while sitting in the fridge waiting for me to get hungry again.

I made this one recently. It is kind of similar to my other pasta salad in the recipe section, mainly because these are all ingredients I usually keep on hand. I made a little twist here and there that gives this one a different flavor.

20140615-101838-37118564.jpgHere are the ingredients I use for this salad:
* 1 bag of your favorite pasta (but I like to use one with curls or holes so the bacon and avocado get caught in the nooks and crannies)
* 1-2 Avocados (pitted, cubed)
* 1-2 Cucumbers
*1 container of mozzarella (I like the Ciliegine from Trader Joes)
* Half a jar of bacon bits (I cheat with this on the road, since it is easier than frying up a pack of bacon, but if you have the fresh stuff, even better!)
Half a bag of frozen corn
Half a bag of frozen peas
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
(I usually add sweet grape tomatoes also, but forgot when I made this batch)




First off, put a pot of salted water on to boil and cook pasta according to the instructions on the package.




Then I start cutting and placing the avocados, cucumbers, mozzarella, tomatoes and bacon bits into a big bowl.





I like to cut my cucumbers into small bites after quartering them and de-seeding them.




About 2 minutes before your pasta is ready, pour the corn and peas into your pasta water to cook them.




When the pasta, peas and corn are finished strain them, run under cold water and strain again. Add it to the big bowl and toss.



20140615-161605-58565841.jpgWhen it is well combined, add two big gulfs of extra-virgin Olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar, then salt and pepper to taste and toss so everything is coated. If you need a little more of everything, just add it. I tend to do this by feel and taste instead of by measuring.

When the tossing is finished, plate the food and enjoy!


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