Favorite: Puzzling puzzles!

Sports gear and art supplies are awesome. Games are fantastic too, but sometimes you want to challenge your brains a bit or have you kids play on their own. The Lad just loves mazes and dot to dots, so I have added some different puzzles and activity books to the activity box.

I found this great box of puzzle cards by Usborne at our local book store. The box is full of cards that are dual sided and includes a write on/wipe off pen.


The puzzles are varied with some being harder and some easier. This lets them cover a wide range of ages. We have 2 of these sets. This one comes in the this nice tin box and another in a paper box. Both are compact and easy to take on the road!

I found this next puzzle at our local toy shop. Amaze by ThinkFun is a fun maze game, that is great for travel, and I see the Lad using it in the car during driving.


You can easily change the mazes by shifting the 4 rows of red dots on the left side of the game.


All of the different puzzles (16 in all) are listed on the back so there is no book to take along (read: lose) either. The little plastic “pen” (it doesn’t mark at all) helps you find your way to the finish. For a boy who loves mazes, this was ideal!

We love puzzles that help our counting and dot to dots are the best for that! I have found a few dot to dot books to pack along as well.

20140609-090218-32538888.jpg  20140609-090219-32539462.jpg

The Usborne Dot to Dot in Space book has different puzzles on each page that are color coded, so you know which puzzle is which. It is an easier book than the Extreme Dot to Dot, where you do the puzzle and then put a matching sticker within the lines you just drew. The other great thing about dot to dot books is once you have done the puzzle, they turn into coloring books!

We also love regular puzzles. I came across these little travel puzzles in bags by Crocodile Creek that are awesome and easy to pack.


I took the picture with my phone to give you an idea of size. This puzzle has 100 pieces and comes in a zippered bag. The picture of the puzzle is on the back of the pouch so you know what you are putting together and the puzzles come in different themes. We have a little part-time astronaught (when he isn’t a cowboy), so things that have space and planets and rocket ships are awesome. Too bad they don’t make a western themed one!

We also love activity books. I have a math lover and we have activity books around the house, so I added his next math book from DK Books to the box. He likes these a lot. He has finished 2 others already. There are sticker chart rewards for each page, which builds skills as you continue through the book. The Lad works on these books for hours.


I found this activity book from Rand McNally called “Are We There Yet?”


It has lots of different geography based puzzles throughout the book. There are mazes, coloring, dot to dots, word searches and crosswords. Some of the activities he will need a little help with, being a new reader, but many he will be able to do on his own with no trouble.

What are your favorite puzzles to take along on road trips or camping? Tell us!

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