Favorites: Art supplies to capture nature!

For us, it isn’t all action and moving and playing when we are on the road. Some times we need to have some down and more mellow time. A great way to do this is through art. We can draw pictures about our day and the things we saw. It is a great way to get our creative juices flowing. Here are a few things going in the activity box for this trip!


Mega Art Kit! I was looking into getting some new markers and crayons for the trip (ours are looking a little rough and not really working anymore). I came across this really neat All-in-1 Portable Art studio from Crayola.


It comes stocked with 8 markers, a box of 24 crayons, 12 colored pencils, a pair of scissors, some glue, 8 watercolors, a brush, a small pad of paper and the box which converts into an easel. This will not only be great to use at the campground, but also in the car while driving. Everything is contained and easy for the kids to access.

More color is better! To the case I also added some extra Fun Effects! Twistable Crayons by Crayola.


These are super cool! They come in a pack of 24 and they not only add extra color, but some are metallic and others are day-glow! I snugged a few things together so these fit in one of the compartments of the art kit above and we don’t need to have extra bits laying around.


More paper is better! Since the All-in-1 Art Studio only had colored paper and not much of it, I also picked up a basic sketch pad to bring along. Can’t go wrong with one of those!


Making models! We love to use modeling clay, and on camping trips the air dry ones are great because they don’t get ruined very easily. This Glitter Modeling Dough from Faber-Castell is non-toxic and comes with 12 colors. We haven’t used this brand before, so that part is new, but we have used others in the past and really enjoyed it!


You spin me right round baby! Remember Spirographs? The wheels that go inside of each other and make super cool geometrical shapes while really frustrating you and making you crazy because your wheel keeps popping out of the big wheel and the big wheel keeps moving so it doesn’t look like the ones on the box? Maybe that was just me! I couldn’t let my kid miss out on that epic childhood frustration and found this great little Spirograph Design Kit!


Everything you need comes in this sleek tin box (7 wheels, 1 ring, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 2 pens, 10-page guide book, and design paper). This should be fun to try and do at the campground one night. He might never complain of boredom again after having to tackle this. Or maybe he inherited a gene that allows him to easily complete a perfect Spirograph. We’ll have to see!


Feeling loopy? We are pretty late to the “loom bracelet” party. This is something we have seen everywhere, but not much interest has been expressed by the Lad until a friend made him a bracelet (in yellow and green…Go Ducks!).


I found this Optari Mini Starter Loom at our toy store and it has been kind of fun for the Lad to learn how to make the bracelets. He has needed some adult help to get things started and to help through certain parts of the process, but has made his own bracelets. This will be great for car rides as well (and keeping little hands busy!).


Watercolor galore! I picked up this little watercolor pack at the store the other day. The paints are on the page, it comes with a brush, and you just need to add water. I thought this was pretty ingenious so I picked it up. Not sure how well they work, but we are going to give it a try. The Lad is a real animal lover and this is right up his alley.

All of this is going in his activities box, along with his Sports Gear, Puzzles, and books. Boredom should be kept at bay, and if it rears it’s ugly head, there is no hope for this kid!

Tell us! Which art supplies do you take camping or road tripping?

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