Games: Our Sports Gear!

When we go camping and road tripping, we get out of town so we can be active in nature. I read a study recently that talked about going for a walk in the woods. The trees and plants emit a hormone that calms our bodies and minds. Mix that with the exercise you are doing and it is amazing scenario. Eventually we go back to our camp, and when the Lad runs out of things to do, I get an “I’m bored!” Because I like to make sure my kid drops off to sleep immediately I try to keep him moving through the day. Here is what I am packing for our 3-week trip that will keep him moving and burn off that extra energy.

20140602-142545-51945033.jpgWe love a game of catch. Tennis balls are fun because they are bright and soft. He started T-ball this year and has a love of throwing the ball and we don’t have to take a glove with us since these don’t hurt to catch like a baseball can. Plus, he can take the ball and go bounce it around as well. I have also done a search online and found different games we can play with the balls so it makes them even more versatile! Here are the links I found:
Tennis Ball Games 1
Tennis Ball Games 2
We also bring along a Super Bounce Ball, because bouncing a ball as high as you can is fun. Being bright pink makes it easy to find and it doesn’t have the fluffy skin that “nature” gets stuck to.

Jumping…Yeah! A jump rope is another great thing to take along for boys and girls. Laddy likes jumping and we found him a jump rope with green handles, which is his second favorite color! It packs up small too, which makes it a no brainer!

Kicking our feet! Soccer is another favorite sport around here. I am bringing a mini soccer ball. The one I got glows in the dark which is fun, but more importantly it is compact and will pack in his activities box. I also got him a little footbag. He has never tried one, but I think he will enjoy this. I will show him some YouTube videos about it before we go, so he can see how to use it and then he can try.

The Lad has expressed an interest in learning to juggle. He has been practicing with socks and bandanas, so we also got him some juggling balls to play with. This can be good or bad, so we’ll see how it goes!

20140602-145537-53737999.jpgWe always bring life jackets with us for swimming. The Lad has been swimming since he was 4 months old, but rivers and lakes can be cold and when a chill kicks in things can go wrong. We are big believers in having life jackets to keep us safe. Salus has been our favorite life jackets for the Lad. He finds them very comfortable and has never ever complained about wearing them, which he has been doing for 6+ years.


A few other things that are not in the picture are his bike and a frisbee (an Aerobee). He LOVES to ride his bike. It is his favorite thing in the whole world when it comes to camping. We live on a small gravel road and have to travel to ride a bike, so having the freedom to hop on and go while we are on the road is sheer joy for him. We also love to play with the frisbee and there is always room to pack one!

Having just a few things to help get those last wiggles out at night or for those long days of driving when you need to make a stop to expel energy will make the trip that much more enjoyable. We also love a dance party, and a game of tag, some hopscotch and wind sprints! That usually burns off the extra jollies the kids contain.

Now if we could just figure out how to harness their energy for purpose of good….

Tell us! Which sports gear do you take with you on the road? What should we take in the future?

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