Tip & Trick : Packing Cubes!

Loose lips sink ships and so do unorganized messes when it comes to clothes in a tiny camper. Seriously, when you have 3 people to worry about, it can be down right insane. I also don’t want big bulky bags in the trailer that take up valuable space (despite my husbands pleas…he has relinquished to “happy wife, no nagging on a camping trip which makes everyone so much easier to cope with”). So it was time to figure things out.

At first I tried some small storage boxes, but they were not doing the trick. I couldn’t get them in and out of the cupboard easily, things were bouncing out of them, loads of wasted space, and my ‘Tetris-savvy’ mind was hating it. I saw some friends had started using packing cubes (you know the kind you use in your luggage for when the baggage handlers gently hurl your bag to the ground and all of the locks and hinges break sending your knickers, also known as undies, all over the Tarmac?) and I knew that was the solution!

20140522-211848.jpgWe found these great Eagle Creek packing cubes at REI, but Amazon also carries them. The ones we have are about 14 inches x 9 inches and about 3 inches deep. Two are single pockets and one is double sided (meaning one bag and two sections). I love that they have a handle on the top, which not only makes them easy to carry out to the trailer, but also to pull out of the cupboard when you need them. The mesh allows you to see what is inside and the zippers are heavy duty and slide easily.

20140522-211016.jpgWe each have our own color. The Lad is red, I am green, and the husband has black. We each have 3 bags so our space is a bit more finite. One bag is for socks/undies/Jammie’s/etc, one for shirts and sweatshirts, and the last is for pants and shorts.

As you can see, they fit perfectly into each of our little spots, but would also sit nicely on a shelf. It is like having drawers in a dresser! Awesome!


We each know which are ours and it makes it really easy for the Lad to pull down the bags, pull out his clothes, put everything back, and get dressed all on his own. I am not saying everything looks neat in the bag, but it is contained and I am happy. He likes the independence of it all too.

These have been a huge win and has made life in a tiny camper just that much better! Not only that, but when we do pack our luggage for big trips, we also have these to use in case a baggage handler gets a little zealous with our roller-duffles. Everything stays inside, nice and neat! And that is sweet!

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