Laundry on the road!

Every summer we go on an extended road trip, dragging .e (Dottie) along behind us, stopping off at some scenic state and national parks. The first year it was 2-weeks in the Redwoods and along the Oregon Coast. We spent the weekend with family in the Bay Area, so I was able to do some laundry at their house. The second year was 2-weeks in Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We spent an afternoon and a good deal of money at the laundromats at one of the campgrounds.

This year a light bulb went off in my sometimes dim head.

May I present my new washer and dryer set!


That’s right! Put dirty laundry in the bucket with some detergent and water, seal the lid, and go for a drive. When you get to your destination, empty the water, rinse the clothes well, and hang them on your handy-dandy clothes line that is strung between two trees (or other non-movable objects)!

I am super stoked!

The idea is that the vibration and jostling of the car agitates the clothes during the drive, which cleans them just like your washer at home. A friend said John Steinbeck talks about this very idea in his book “Travels With Charlie“.

As you can see, it was quite easy to make. We got a “Homer Bucket” from the big “Orange Toystore”, picked up a screw top lid from Tap Plastics, and put the two together. All I needed for my solar powered clothes dryer was a rope and standard clothes pins. My husband thought the standard Homer lid was too hard to get on and off all of the time (without me using a crow bar), and this water tight screw top lid for the bucket is just so easy. In all, I think we invested roughly $25 for everything (give or take). If it doesn’t work, I have a great new bucket to keep chicken feed in and who doesn’t need rope and clothespins.

I will be giving it a test run this summer on a 3-week trip through the Southwest. Temps should be high enough to dry our clothes in about 3-minutes flat! I will give you an update upon our return.

Let’s do this, indeed!

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