Favorite: Convos with your kid everyday!

As I was walking through my local grocery store, I happened to pass by their book and gift section, which is always a dangerous proposition for me. I saw a wonderful book, called “Q & A a Day for Kids” by Betsy Franco. She has done one for adults as well, but the idea of having a question a day for 3 years, equalling 1095 conversations with my child, was really appealing to me. I restrained buying the book that day, but later ordered it through my local book store, Annie Bloom’s Books.


The idea of the book is to ask you child the same question, on the same day of the year, for 3 years. A few of the questions from the book are:

“If you were a dog which one would you be? Why?”
“Have you ever told a lie? What did you say?”
“What is the best thing about your life right now?”
“If you could read someone’s mind, who’s would you read? Why?”

There are spaces to write down their answers for each year.


There are a few reasons I am really loving this, but the main one is because it is giving us time each day to have a little chat. I ask him the question first and he answers, then he usually asks us the question in return. “Mama which dog would you be?”

We are sometimes stunned by an answer and his thought process in his answering. He takes it quite seriously and often asks to have his question each day. It will be great to see how his answers change as he matures and to see our bond build even stronger than it has already through honest conversations about questions that can be serious or silly. This will be fun to take on the road with us this summer, and to see how answers are changed by varying environments and schedules.

We highly recommend the book!

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