Favorites: Tiny Tool Kits that have everything you need!

I have always been a fan of tool kits. From the time I was little I wanted my own hammer. My own screwdriver. My own wrench. And I didn’t want a plastic one. I wanted a proper one like my dad had.

The husband and I have always fancied ourselves pretty handy people, and when I mentioned to him that I felt like I needed a small tool set for the trailer to fix small issues that may arise, he was quick to oblige. He put together a set for me that will fulfill most needs, and I have used it several times since I started carrying it with me.

Here are the tools we have assembled and deemed our most important tools.


A run down on the list (starting from the right):
Pack of zip ties
10oz hammer
Manual folding saws-all (with an extra blade)
Adjustable wrench
Channel lock pliers
Standard pliers
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Electrical tape
(Top row – left to right)
Extra fuses
Extra razor blades
Folding razor blade knife
4 standard screwdrivers (1/4 all the way down to mini)
4 philips head screwdrivers (2, 1, 0 & mini)

All of this fits neatly into this small zippered pouch (including the hammer, but I left it out to show the size).


There are two additional things I carry which don’t fit into the bag – a roll of duct tape and some WD-40. As my grandpa used to say, you should always carry it because:
It moves what should, and stops things that shouldn’t. Sound advice!

I have used several of these tools on various trips. Most of them are your medium grade (modestly priced) tools. In other words, they are not the Cadillacs, but they aren’t super cheap and should not fail on me. They have stood up to every job I have thrown at them, and people have been quite impressed when I grab my kit that I have nearly everything we need.

The kit enables me to fix things within my abilities. If it requires more, I find someone with a higher skill set like my husband who has a garage with the insane amount of tools (every new job needs a new tool – that is our motto!) and he is usually able to fix things if it can wait.

The best part of the size of my kit is it fits neatly in a cupboard, is within easy reach, and gives me an added bit of security when I am on the road. I am prepared, and being prepared is powerful!

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